The Anti-Aging Effects Of Exercise

Many of us begin the fitness journey for the beautification effect (aging) of clean eating and hard training. The unfortunate reality is that many discontinue this undertaking, as the transformative effects of such a journey are slow and don’t appear in just a matter of months, but rather years. This is especially true for someone who may be out of shape to begin with.

Sometimes it’s rather a matter of looking normal again. Getting to that baseline of your personal norm is a challenge in itself, and takes an incredible amount of determination to pull off. To combat aging, determination comes in handy. Want some exercises to do on the beach?¬†Read them here.

The real challenge begins when you embark on going from a personal norm to a personal, attractive, better you. This – for many – is not an exercise in vanity or a fight against aging, but rather a healthy pursuit of personal beauty. Changing the body means changing more than just your weight or your clothing size. Changing your body to be healthier and more attractive means a change in body composition and wholeheartedly adopting a new living philosophy – no matter your age. A great deal of this entails changing the way you eat and exercise. Remember, embracing aging is a natural process. Beautification is a lengthy process with a slow feedback loop. All body changes are related to the time and dedication you put in. Here is what is involved:

1. Lifestyle change:

We need to quickly understand that we look and function the way we do because of the lifestyle we lead. If you truly want to look and feel younger, you need to make a commitment to changing variables in your lifestyle to force adaptations that are perceived as youthful.

2. Nutrition:

The very first variable to fine tune is your diet. Remember that your diet is a major factor contributing to the composition of your body (bone density, lean muscle mass, fat mass), the quality of your skin, hair and nails, – just to name a few. Changes to your eating habits can be uncomfortable, but are necessary for improving your weight and body fat levels, and promoting an anabolic environment for lean muscle mass. Consult a dietitian/nutritionist and create a nutrition plan that suits your energy requirements and food preferences, and favorably alters your body composition. Get creative and challenge your dietitian/nutritionist and yourself to forge a menu that is tasty, convenient, flexible and full of variety. A successful diet is one that you can consistently adhere to.aging | longevity live

3. Exercise:
An effective nutrition plan supports your training performance. Before we get any further, we need to address the idea of training specificity. This entails that your training has a specific adaptive outcome. If you wanted to get better at swimming, you wouldn’t run. You would sim and perform accessory training aimed at bettering your swimming ability. Training for a younger-looking body is a broader goal and requires a set of specific adaptations.

4. Time:
As with any journey, it requires time. The more time, the better. This removes the idea of quick fixes and instant gratification, and instils an appreciation of the process in its entirety.

Who is the author?

Tyrone Wessels is a passionate health and fitness and karate enthusiast, a personal trainer and a Power Yoga instructor.

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  1. 11 February 2018 at 10:19 am

    Excellent advice. I always say…….if you want to keep moving, you have to keep moving. It certainly works for me. And if I stop moving, I seize up. Cheers – John – Active Ageing Mentor and Coach.