Gaming Benefits: Why Leveling Up Can Be Good For You

With the continuous growth of the gaming industry, it would be hard to find any technological devices that are free of games. Even learning systems have some form of gaming intertwined into them. It’s clear that games have become a basic part
of our lives. Whether it’s joining your child to play Assassin’s Creed or attempting to pass level 375 of Candy Crush in morning traffic, playing a quick game could actually be the boost your health needs.

1. Pain relief

Scientists believe that our brains can only focus on a limited amount of information at a time. As such, a mentally-demanding game can provide as a great distraction from pain. A study at University of Washington saw psychologists develop a snow virtual reality game for burn patients in hopes of distracting them from their painful recovery treatments. The patients were seen to be able to ignore their pain 92% of the time, and they even cited the game as providing greater pain relief than morphine.

2. Memory boost

According to one study, it seems the best way to ensure the aging process doesn’t affect your brain, is by playing a game.
The study found that the region of the brain associated with memory – the hippocampus – faced a significant improvement after the individual played 3-D games. Click here to find out more about memory in older individuals.

3. Gaming reduces anxiety

It’s easy to become stressed out – be it as a result of our jobs, finances or home life. However, the moment that stress starts to become chronic is often when health issues arise. One of the best ways to combat stress, is to try and take your mind off of the source of the stress. Video games are a welcome distraction and it can help you unwind after a long day. Aside from stress relief, gaming can also help to ease anxiety. According to a study coming out of the New Jersey Medical School’s anesthesiology department, children who played video game before surgery almost felt no anxiety. Furthermore, a study from The University of Utah showed that children diagnosed with illnesses like autism, depression showed signs of improvement in resilience, and empowerment after having played a few video games.

4. Increased coordination

The manner in which video games can help improve hand-eye coordination is so great that, according to reports, games are now being used to help train surgeons. Like gamers, surgeons need to be able to make precise movements and perform
tasks in small spaces. In highlighting the link between video games and motors skills, a study from the Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia found that preschool-aged children who played interactive games had better object control motor skills than those who didn’t.

5. Boost cognitive health

Many games require fast reactions and decisions. That being said, a study from the University of Rochester discovered that these games teach the brain on how to make quick decisions in the real world.

However, despite their benefits, it is not recommended that you spend your entire day playing video games. Moderation is always key. Therefore, if you do have extra time, get outside and enjoy the social benefits of meeting up with friends.

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  1. 3 July 2018 at 8:18 am

    Hi Blog Admin

    This post is a great contribution as it has cleared many suspicions pertaining to playing video games. Indeed there are many benefits of video games. If you keep your gaming activity in moderation, there is no harm at all. It is a universal truth that excess of anything is not a positive thing. To enjoy every benefit of playing video games, you just have to be moderate inn your activity.

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    Alex Carter