Healthy Hair Resolutions For 2018: Everything You Need

Blowouts, highlights, and treatments are meant to give your hair new life and offer you healthy hair. However, could you be killing it instead? In 2018 you want to rid your locks of last year’s chemicals. Although hair treatments and products are meant to preserve the life of your hair, too much of a good thing can be toxic to your tresses. Like your body, your hair needs to be regularly cleansed of the different chemicals it comes into contact with. With these resolutions, we’ll help you detox your hair and take up new habits that will maintain the health and life of your hair throughout 2018.

Washing your hair healthy hair | Longevity Live

A clean scalp is the foundation of healthy hair so you need to be aware of your scalp becoming clogged with dirt and oil. However, your hair can be over-washed. Like your skin, your hair produces essential oils to protect and nourish it. Daily shampooing can strip away these oils which will leave you with dull hair and an oily scalp. When shampooing your hair, your scalp should be the main focus – not the ends. The best way to shampoo your hair is to start at the nape of the neck – where the hair is thicker – before working your way up. Lastly, rinse your hair in cool water as hot water can dry it out. If you’re always in the gym, simply rinse out your hair, massage your scalp and condition the ends. Investing in dry shampoo and using it daily will help limit the number of times you shampoo your hair. The dry shampoo not only helps to remove oil from your hair but it also adds volume. Also, using conditioners will add protein and moisture to your tresses. Applying the conditioner before you hit the gym will help combat the sweat that can dry out your hair.

Air Dry

Wet hair is weaker, so rough drying it with a towel or brushing it out can lead to breakage. The best solution would be to press the water out and let it air-dry. This can be done by wrapping wet strands around rollers. If you’re looking for curls, loosely braid your damp hair before bed and undo them in the morning.

Turning down the heat

The constant application of heat onto your hair can lead to dullness and breakage. Instead of keeping your straightener on medium, opt for other styling methods such as braiding, mousse and bobby pins. If you’re using a blow dryer, wrap your hair in a towel for a few minutes in order to limit your hairs’ exposure to heat. When using the dryer, always use the
lowest possible setting and keep the dryer at least two inches away from your hair. Furthermore, ensure that you constantly move the blow-dryer around so you don’t overheat a section of your hair.

Brush care healthy hair | Longevity LIVE

Your hair brushes are used daily so they need to be taken care of. If not properly cleaned, your brushes can become infested with bacteria due to the oil, dirt and product build up. Keep your hairbrush as fresh as your hair, clean it once a month
with warm water and shampoo and regularly remove all the hair that gets tangled in its bristles.

Healthy hair treatments and coloring

Everyone enjoys a bit of color in their lives, but there is such a thing as too much color. Studies have shown that hair dye can not only weaken your hair but some hair dyes even contain carcinogenic properties. Also, excessive coloring can eventually lead to hair loss and rid you of healthy hair. If your hair color is anything but natural, be cautious of over washing it as it can quickly lose its shine. Shampooing your hair a maximum of twice a week and conditioning it every other day will help to maintain both the freshness and color of your hair.

Salon visits

Avoiding a haircut in order for your hair to grow is actually counterproductive. The ends of your hair dry out so regular haircuts will help with breakage and split ends. If you continue to avoid the salon only to give in later on – you will end up having to cut more of your hair as the damage will have continued upwards. Regularly going for a deep condition treatment once a week is a perfect way to treat your hair as the treatment both rehydrates and revives the hair. Worried about hair that won’t grow? Click here to find out why and how you can fix it.

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A healthy diet is important if you want to remove any toxins from your hair. A diet with enough protein and iron means that your body will be able to send protein to every place it’s needed – including your hair. You’ll need to keep your fingers away from your hair as the dirt your hands come into contact with during the day can be transferred into your curls. Wearing hats not only protect your skin from sun damage, but it does the same for your hair. The sun can not only dry out your hair but it can also burn your scalp. Lastly, treating your scalp by regularly massaging it will boost circulation, which in the end promotes healthy hair that will continue to grow throughout the year. If you want to know what shampoos and conditioners can really do, click here to find out.