Ingredient Watch: The Latest Anti-Aging News.

An ingredient to watch out for is Matrixyl. Dermatologist Dr Hardie De Beer says that some women age more gracefully than others. De Beer says that it’s true that our genes largely control when skin changes occur. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t help delay the process.

Ingredient Content In Products Are Important In Anti-Aging

De Beer tells us that one of the main reasons we age, “is the lack of proper daily skin care regime using products scientifically developed and proven to tackle the signs of skin ageing face-on.” Many of the ingredients in “anti-aging skin creams offer a short-term fix for aging skin. They freeze your skin and minimise the production of wrinkles. They work in a similar way to Botox but are significantly less effective. Matrixyl promises to be a long-term fix, repairing the damage from within.”

Ingredient Watch [Longevity Live]What Is The New Launch?

Young, dynamic business woman and entrepreneur Daniella Shapiro ( has launched the Oolala Collection Club. This is an eCommerce, direct-from-source, beauty and grooming platform that aims to provide affordable, luxury skincare and beauty products. Shapiro believes that all women should look and feel their best, and she aims to provide luxury, scientifically proven skincare products at an affordable price. This includes the Blu Phuzion range. To find out more or to purchase, email

Ingredient Watch: Vampire Facial Treatment

Dr Noori Moti-Joosub, a dermatologist at Laserderm tells us that the use of PRP was used in athletes for certain tendon and muscle injuries. Tiger Woods and tennis star Rafael Nadal are well-known athletes to have used this procedure and say that PRP allows them to return more quickly to compete. This regenerative therapy uses the patient’s own blood to treat an injury.

Ingredient Watch [Longevity Live]The use of PRP has expanded into anti-aging, treatment of scarring and hair loss. The ingredient also improves inflammatory skin conditions including the texture and tone of the skin. PRP has been used for over two decades and has been established as safe, an effective form of tissue repair and rejuvenation.

How Is This Treatment Useful?

  • Anti-aging

It stimulates the healing cascade.  This also stimulates Collagen. Improvements are then seen in fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture and tone.

  • Scarring

The ingredient content stimulates the platelet healing cascade. The scarring will improve. But you see the
best results through PRP and laser therapy for scarring.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy

Self-administering your own platelets activates the body’s natural healing cascade for repair and regeneration within
the injected area. High concentration of platelets also stimulates the release of growth factors which aid in tissue regeneration, collagen stimulation and wellness of the treated area. This treatment involves sampling a small amount of the patient’s blood to spin and strengthen the platelets.

Ingredient Watch [Longevity Live]When you re-inject the platelets into the area treated to enhance healing and regeneration of the tissue. It is not only safe, but effective and hazard-free in the long-term.
“We have felt that intra-dermal injections (into the dermis) are most effective in our skin treatments and we seldom use mesotherapy in our PRP treatments. The reason for this is that we believe the placement of the platelets should be into the layer of skin with the collagen and tissue to allow more effective regeneration of the skin.”

How Frequently Does Prep Need To Be Performed?

Prep is done in younger patients < 35 years, six times monthly. In older patients > 35 years, three times monthly.


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