Retirement Living: Join Longevity and Everygreen Lifestyle For A Live Expert Panel

Join Longevity and Evergreen Lifestyle for a free live expert panel to explore everything you need to know about choosing a great property destination for your retirement on 27 February 2020 at 19h00 SAST. This is a live event on Facebook online. It’s aimed at anyone wishing to understand more about retirement lifestyle property options in the South African market for yourself, your parents and loved ones.


Why Do We Need to Talk About Retirement Property Options?

People are now retiring later and living longer. Issues such as safety, access to medical care, and a need for a continued quality lifestyle after you’ve stopped working, retirement villages are becoming increasingly appealing. They are also making these things so much easier. But will the benefits really outweigh the cost of living there, and what do you need to know before applying?

Who Are Our Panel Members

Dr Craige Dietrich, Specialist at Memory Care

Guin Lourens Nursing Manager – Evergreen Health

Arthur Case – Brand Marketing Manager Evergreen Health

7 Key Retirement Questions We’re Unpacking

1.Why is planning for potential health issues in retirement so important and how is community living assisting with this?  This will include a discussion on diseases including Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

2. What happens as you age in terms of medical support needed? Trends in retirement options.

3. What hurdles to overcome? Psychological or financial resistance by parents, or even your own. Managing emotions and denial so you can have peace of mind and a good state of health.

4. The impact of a National Health System in South Africa on planning for your retirement and health needs.

5. What does the law say? Elderly rights, and helping those who need more formal legal intervention.

6. Future trends and possibilities to think about. How to manage financial restraints with planning. What does community living look like in the future?


7. How do you choose property options in lifestyle estates?

How to Participate?

This is a free event. Go to our Facebook Page –  Longevity Magazine and sign up. Or simply join us in the evening by clicking on the link at the designated time.