At SALT Green Is The New Black

SALT of Palmar is proving green is the new black, through its commitment to the environment and the local Mauritian community.

Would you believe there are no single use products in this hotel? The bathroom soaps and shampoo products are all locally sourced and contained in beautiful pottery containers.  Refillable, yes, but straws, coffee cup lids, and tiny toiletries, no.  This newly launched luxury hotel has substituted corn starch which does the same job for packaging, and it can be made into compost. And if this isn’t enough, the hotel team also does regular clean-ups of local beaches and streets and then find a new life for the plastics picked up.

During my short stay at the hotel, I loved taking part in a vegan cooking class.  It’s not over structured and is simple and fun and slap bang in the working kitchen at SALT.

SALT has ditched unhealthy buffets for fresh, local, and tasty meals.  Apart from having their own farms to grow produce, their herb wall and a vegetable cellar are something special altogether. In the kitchen, we learned how they cook using simple, ancient cooking methods, like the wok, the tandoori oven and the charcoal grill.

These kitchen maestros smoke anything and everything to release and enhance flavor. They also marinate for hours and slow-cook over wood overnight. The food is creative and diverse and importantly delicious and healthy.

My typical day

For those who want to venture out, SALT offers excursions into local communities and to the capital Port Louis, where visitors can experience more local culture, food and shopping. However, I kept it closer to home, enjoying everything (or mostly everything) the hotel had to offer to satisfy my particular holiday needs. Using the SALT app to create a typical day plan, my time was spent as simply as this…

Wake up
Yoga on the beach and or walk, run, cycle, hike, swim
Chilling with a book
Cooking class
Stand-up paddle boarding, yoga float class or more chilling time
Time in the salt room
Drinks on the deck

Eat, sleep, then repeat.

What do cotton, coffee, sleep all have in common?

There’s nothing like sinking into a comfortable bed and falling asleep quickly. The Carpe Diem beds at SALT encourage good sound sleep and I discovered another secret to this. All the linen used in the hotel is long fiber premium cotton, 100% organic with a 500 threat count.

Oh and even the bathrobes are green. Well actually they are ivory in color. I fell in love with my bathrobe so bought one to take home. Made of 66.7% coffee yarn & 33.3% cotton yarn, the cotton coffee fiber is prepared using the coffee residue which is reduced to pieces by exposure to heat and grounded into powder to produce a functional staple fiber called the coffee cotton fiber. 2 coffee yarn & 1 cotton yarn are weaved together to form the special coffee cotton fabric with natural ivory texture and soft hand feel. The coffee bathrobe has special functions such as inhibiting bacteria, crumple resistance among others.

Green light

The only aspect of SALT which fell somewhat short of my expectations was the spa. While the salt room at the spa is novel – it’s the first ever salt therapy room on the island, I was less inspired by the rest of the spa facility, but given it is all very new, I will give them the benefit of the doubt. I am sure it will improve.

Still, for me SALT ticks the boxes in all other respects. With super friendly, helpful staff and service, amazing activities, delicious food and a fabulous position on the beach, it has set the barre in terms of delivering a humanistic travel experience in the Indian Ocean.  Showing that traveling on the good, is not just good for you, it’s great for the environment and the local community too!

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Photo credits: Mike Eloff @theLawry (Boat) and Genevieve Beyleveld @passportsand 
perignon (In-flight on Air Mauritius)