Beauty Innovations in 2016

By Riekie Smit

Thanks to scientists, cosmetics and cosmetic treatments are getting better every year (or even every month). Research and development in the cosmetic industry has grown to such an extent that we are seeing more rapid results and deeper penetration of topically applied products, which are becoming comparable with treatments.

What we are seeing is that cosmetics are not only targeting wrinkles, but will also repair your skin and focus on prevention – a concept not always well understood, but known to be the best for anti-aging. Let us look at the beauty innovations for 2016.

Beauty Innovation: Physician-dispensed Cosmetics

Beauty Innovations

This industry is growing each year, with specialized skincare products being sold at doctors’ offices worldwide. Many brands have invested in a specialized range, with high-dosage active ingredients that are “prescribed” and sold by the doctor according to your skin.

A panel of expert dermatologists and plastic surgeons from France has developed a new concept of custommade serums, Universkin. The doctor evaluates the patient’s skin and then decides which ingredient you need; this is then mixed with a unique closed system just before your purchase. The serums are highly active, to give rapid results on various conditions from pigmentation, acne and sensitive or eczema skin, to wrinkles or sagging.

Other important advancements in cosmetics that we will see more of in the coming year are fewer allergies and skin reactions to products, and an improvement in skin sensitivities. Many people suffer from skin reactions to cosmetics, or cannot use cosmetics because of existing skin allergies. The latest-generation cosmetics are aimed at improving your skin barrier to help to manage sensitive skin and skin prone to allergies.

New regulations have also ensured that we have safer cosmetics, with fewer preservatives and colorants that can aggravate skin reactions. Skincare products now also focus on treatments for areas other than just the face, such as advanced lip treatments and specialised hand treatment products. Home treatment devices are growing every year, and we are seeing more interesting gadgets for home hair growth and home LED therapy, home cellulite devices and eye-lifting devices.

Medical Insight has been tracking emerging aesthetic industries for over 20 years, providing global market information, with detailed analysis and forecasts. The latest published papers (September 2015) have shown growth in many of the aesthetic sectors, and further growth predictions going forward. “Body-shaping, skin tightening newer cellulite-reduction equipment and procedures continue to experience strong growth as interest from both physicians and consumers rises,” says the report.

Beauty Innovations: New Technologies and Areas of Treatment

Make- up cosmeics

According to Medical Insight September 2015, new technology and devices are especially focused on areas not previously adequately treated, such as:

  • Alopecia (hair loss);
  • Transdermal delivery of injectables, particularly for wrinkle reduction;
  • Autologous stem-cell products for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction;
  • Lipolysis of localised fat deposits;
  • Treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating);
  • Device-based alternatives to toxins for wrinkle reduction;
  • Scar therapy;
  • Imaging systems; and
  • Vaginal rejuvenation.

Physician-dispensed topical treatments are estimated to rise by 8,9% every year, and male market sales for cosmetics and cosmetic treatments by between 10,2% and 13% every year for the next few years. So focus for new products and devices now also includes male skin concerns.


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