40 Best Hair Tips In The World

British hairdresser of the year, Akin Konizi, and British colorist of the year, Christel Lundqvist, share their all-time best hair tips.

1. Add instant shine to brunette hair by rinsing with Guinness between your shampoo and conditioner.

2. Find your natural parting by looking at your crown to see the direction in which your hair grows. If it grows to one side, a side parting will suit you. If it grows forwards and back, try a centre parting.

3. Did you know the color of your hair can change the texture? A blonde color “stretches” your hair by adding the illusion of length. And thin hair looks loads thicker if it’s colored brunette.

4. To tame curls that have a tendency to frizz, mix mousse with a small amount of conditioner and apply it to towel-dried hair before you style – it will prevent frizz without any crispiness.

5. If you’re heading out but don’t have time to wash your locks, slick back the sides with wet-look gel and add loads of volume to the crown with some back- combing. It’ll hide the grease and looks really sexy.

6. If your hair is greasy, hide it with some accessories. From brooches to Alice bands, these little extras will take you from greasy to gorgeous in seconds.

7. Can’t control your curls? A ponytail is quick to do when you’re in a rush. Wear high on the crown and control wispy bits with a slick of serum.

8. When you need to tame frizz on the go, rub some hand cream into the palms of your hands, then smooth it over your hair.hair tips | Longevity Live

9. If you have a side fringe, ask your hairdresser to cut it the opposite way to the way you’d normally wear it. This will help it to sit better.

10. Accentuate your cheekbones by getting a wide-set fringe that goes further back at the sides. It really changes your face shape.

11. To get good volume, make sure your locks are 100% dry once you’ve finished styling, or they will go limp.

12. To smooth wispy hairs, spray a mix of shine spray and hairspray onto a hairbrush. Run the brush over the hairs and repeat until your hairline looks smooth. This also gets rid of static.

13. If you like a messy, textured look, work a small amount of wax into your roots once your hair’s dry. It gives a messed-up look, even if your strands are clean.

14. If you have a round face, ask your hairdresser to cut shape in through the front to slim your cheeks.

15. To give dark locks a boost, try a semi-permanent gloss. It’s ideal for enhancing natural tones, without being too dramatic.

16. If you have wide shoulders, keep your hair long and wear it loose to balance them out.

17. To get a straight hairstyle with just a hairdryer, use a round brush and dry your hair with the hairdryer pointing downwards, pulling your hair straight as you go. This technique eliminates frizz.

18. If you want to soften your nose or hide a large forehead, get a sweeping fringe cut in to balance out your features.

19. If you can’t be bothered to style your hair every morning, get a statement cut like a pixie crop. It looks great on a small face and is ultra-cute.

20. For a silky blowdry, use a bristle brush, such as Denman’s Squargonomic. It grips hair, creating tension to smooth out kinks.

21. If your hair is unmanageable, try a double dose of conditioner. Leave it in for a few minutes, then rinse and repeat.hair tips | Longevity LIVE

22. If your hair often ends up looking limp and lifeless, try crimping the layers underneath to add body and volume.

23. Bored with your hair? Comb it into a centre parting – it makes your features look more balanced and will give you a new look for your best hair yet.

24. Stop your hair feeling coarse with regular conditioning treatments at a salon, or try Wella’s System Professional Hydro Mask to get the same results at home.

25. Never wear foundation when you go to get your hair coloured. A colourist needs to see your natural skin tone to choose the right colour for you.

26. Stop frizz and help your hair’s cuticles to lie flat by adding a nozzle to your hairdryer. It’ll control the air flow and direct the heat downwards, keeping your hair smooth.

27. If your hair always looks flat, it could be because you aren’t washing out your shampoo and conditioner properly. Rinse for at least three minutes afterwards to ensure you’ve got rid of all the residue.

28. As well as adding shine, beer is great for greasy hair. Soak your hair in beer before washing with shampoo; it will give you longer-lasting grease-free locks.

29. Hairdressers often talk about face shape. If you’re not sure what yours is, sit in front of a mirror, close one eye and draw around your face on the mirror with lipstick. This will help you to see your true face shape.

30. Maximize shine by mashing an avocado, then mixing to a paste with a little olive oil. Apply to damp hair and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing. The vitamins in the avocado will give your best hair an amazing sheen – this isn’t a myth.

31. If you’re worried about going too blonde, ask your stylist for champagne, biscuit and pale mustard tones. They’re subtle and sexy – not overdone.

32. It’s really annoying, but women’s hair grows slower than men’s. A hair tip for slow-growing hair: keep your locks in tip-top condition by always using a comb on wet hair rather than a brush. It will stop your hair from breaking.

33. What you eat affects your strands too. Try stocking up on almonds, salmon and avocados – the essential oils in these foods will make your hair thicker and stronger, giving you your healthiest, best hair yet.

34. Whatever people say, nothing can truly repair split ends. If you’re trying to grow your hair, get it trimmed every 10 weeks to keep your locks looking fresh.

35. A great styling tip is to apply hairspray at the same time as blasting the hair with a dryer. This will add maximum movement and texture to your style.

36. Always use a color-protect shampoo and conditioner to prolong your highlights. We love Redken’s Color Extend shampoo.

37. Got fine hair? Part your hair on an angle to make it look thicker. Using a comb, part the hair on a light diagonal slant, going back towards the crown of the head.

38. If you struggle to make your hair look shiny and sleek, even after blowdrying, use a serum on wet strands to let it really sink in. Try Wella Professionals’ High Hair Crystal Styler.

39. Trying to grow out last season’s bob but not getting anywhere fast? Add a fringe. Yes, really. It will instantly make your locks look longer, and revamp your look.

40. If you find that your fringe never lies flat and sticks up in tufts, dry it before the rest of your strands to stop it from going fluffy.

The last of the tips: use caffeine to prevent hair loss and find out how here.

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