The Only Beauty Products You Truly Need

In the age of beauty bloggers, and countless beauty brands that seem to be launching rather frequently, our makeup bags and beauty cabinets may end up looking rather too cluttered these days. And, with the enormous pressures to keep up to date with the latest contouring styles and enviable eyebrows, the splurge always seems somehow justifiable. However, with the no-makeup make-up trend still in full swing, I think its time to return to the basics and ditch the “instagramable” or “photo ready” looks that may leave us looking rather overdone in broad daylight and/or away from the front cameras of our smartphones and/or beloved Snapchat filters. Here are the products you truly need to achieve the same flawless face with fewer products:

A Good Quality Primer

Whilst 24-hour makeup does not really exist, a well-trusted primer does go a long way. It must be noted that many of the primers on the market promise amazing things and seldom are able to deliver. However, when you do find a great one, it does manage to work wonders. Primers that are great to use are ones that target the appearance of your pores, as well as ones containing SPF. The purpose of a primer is to help your foundation stay in place a lot longer, so you also need less of it.


An age-old must-have in the beauty bag. Although, for a slightly less heavy and more natural look than the traditional foundation, beauty | Longevity Livetry a BB or CC cream and partner it with your concealers. Want to find out how to get flawless skin with your foundation? Click on the link to find out how make-up guru Bobbi Brown does it.


Yes, concealers (plural): One should be a shade lighter than your skin and one slightly darker. Although optional, having two different concealers should help brighting up your skin (using the lighter one) and assist with the appearance of dark circles on days when you need it. Whilst a darker concealer works to add definition and structure, should you need it. Using creamy concealer sticks helps create a less obvious and natural look as they blend into the skin quite nicely and easily as well.

A Great Mascara

A little goes a long way! Mascara rounds off every makeup look and will always be an essential part of any beauty routine – regardless of  the occasion. Pro tip: Finding the perfect mascara for you actually lies within the brush and not the actual mascara formula.

If you have curly, average length eyelashes, try using a straight brush with rubbery bristles. For long and thin lashes, use a thinner wand.

beauty | LongevityYour Perfect Lip Balm

In the age of lip kits and countless launches of new lipstick ranges and formulas of your favoured makeup brands; we may end up having plentiful variations of the same shade. What we truly need is a functional everyday product for our lips that enhances our everyday natural lip shade AND helps care our lips at the same time.

An Excellently Subtle Beauty Highlighter

Who doesn’t want a natural looking glow? However, the operative word here should be NATURAL. To finish off your minimalist flawless look; a touch of subtle highlighter or strobing cream is sure to leave you looking magically flawless.

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