Body Blur From Vita Liberata: The Next Big Thing

This is a great body product for the ladies who want to achieve a subtle tan without the schlep that goes along with it – the strange scents, streaks, orange tones and what-not.

What does it do?

Body Blur is a wash-off body make-up that gives your skin a natural-looking tint. It uses certified organic extracts to hydrate your skin, and can also be used as a make-up primer for your face, as it is water-resistant. Unlike self-tans, it works best when
you use a light shade that complements your skin tone.

What can you expect from Body Blur?

The intention of this body make-up is not to make your skin darker, or tan it, but rather to enhance your natural colour by bronzing and illuminating it. The overall effect is to mask your blemishes, while still achieving a natural look. It also reflects well against light, making it perfect for a photo-ready finish. Still wondering whether you should go for a tanning bed session? Click here to find out why the answer should be a complete NO.

Key ingredients

The main ingredient in this formula is aloe vera extract, which is full of vitamins C and E. This gives it numerous benefits for your skin, including hydration and elasticity. Other ingredients used – such as lychee, pomegranate and melon – have powerful antioxidant properties. They’re also rich in a variety of vitamins your skin needs to keep supple and healthy.

The science behind it

All Vita Liberata products are made using certified natural and organic ingredients. The objective is not only to provide you
with a flawless tan, but to nourish your skin too, so that your glow looks radiant and natural, as if you’d been to the beach. The formula is also free of parabens, preservatives and other chemicals that can dry out your skin.

How do you use it?

A little really goes a long way. Start by putting on the tanning mitts provided and apply pea-sized amounts of product along your body. From there, use your covered hands to blend it in with long, circular movements. For your face and neck, apply
it sparingly with your fingers or a foundation brush, and wash your hands after each application.

Cost R1030
Click here to find it on their website.