The Trending Treatment: Davines NaturalTech Renewing Range

The Davines NaturalTech Renewing range works by nourishing, moisturizing and stimulating your scalp and hair – making the fibers healthy, firm and shiny, without weighing the hair down. The formulas are completely free of sulfates and parabens, consisting mainly of naturally sourced ingredients.

Why you should avoid sulfates and parabens

Parabens are chemicals that are present in several different types of beauty products, while sulfates can be found in toiletries like soaps, toothpaste and body washes. While more research is needed on the subject, parabens have been associated with the risk of breast cancer, as a result of their estrogen-mimicking properties. Sulfates are the ingredients that causes shampoo to lather, but should be avoided because they can cause dryness, irritation, and even hair loss. In addition, if your hair is colored, it can cause fading of color. Both have been used since the 1950’s in products in order to prevent the growth of bacteria and act as a preservative. Nowadays, however, many brands recognize them as dangerous and have created whole ranges of products that are free from these chemicals.davines | Lonegvity LIVE

Active ingredients of Davines

The range uses its own “Hair Longevity Complex”, consisting of three ingredients that work in synergy to prevent the aging and inflammation process. They are maqui berry extract, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory; spinach extract, a highly nutritive substance essential for healthy hair and skin; and carnosine, another anti-aging ingredient that protects the body from oxidative stress and inflammation.

Did you know?

Davines prides itself on being an eco-friendly brand. Its choice of packaging is based on three fundamental points: minimizing the amount of raw materials needed, using recyclable materials and optimizing logistics and quality-control processes to avoid waste.

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