Celebrity beauty through the ages

Being in the limelight means taking extra care of yourself. We ask six beautiful women who have an understanding of what this is all about.

Pearl - Photo by Kevin Mark Pass

Local women share their celebrity beauty tips and secrets with us.

Pearl Thusi
Claim to fame: Artist/ Entertainer

How do you take care of your skin?

I cleanse, tone and moisturise. I use masks and sunscreen. But most importantly I always let my skin breathe as often as I can.

Do you take any supplements? YES. Unique formulations supplements. My dad also uses them. They’re awesome and they work!

How do you protect yourself against environmental stressors?

I ensure that I use Sunblock daily, and keep hydrated by drinking a lot of water, I also ensure that I use rich creams that meet my skin’s requirements whatever they may be at different times of the year. Very important, I also make sure that I exercise daily… for me it’s important to keep my body and mind in tiptop condition due to the hectic nature of my lifestyle and the industry I work within.

Your views on plastic surgery: Plastic surgery, in my humble opinion, is there to help whether it be from an accident, for self-image or aging. However, when it is used regularly and is a part of your life, there’s a problem. You have to do it for yourself, not so everybody else thinks you’re young. Your body and the fact that it ages isn’t a chronic disease. In a nutshell, plastic surgery is fine until it’s abused.

elana 1 resized30’s
Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp
Claim to fame: Being on radio and television for the past 15 years.

How do you take care of your skin? I Cleanse. Always. And Always wear sunblock! So I care a lot.

What is your beauty routine? I have 3 different cleansers. I wear makeup everyday.  The first one is oil based. To remove all makeup. The second one is a soap cleanser – its nice for getting rid of access oil.  The third one is an emulsion.  Fun to just was again and to not have my skin feel tight.  I also, always moisturize. At night, when I fly, when I remember.
And always take off makeup before bedtime.

Do you take any supplements? I take Vital hair and nail vitamins now and then. But often forget.

How do you protect yourself against environmental stressors? Your skin can cope with it. Trust me, the only thing I do is wear block out. Even in cloudy weather. And you have to moisturize.

Your views on plastic surgery: I have two friends who are surgeons. I see what they are able to do from a confidence point of view and restrictive point for actual patience or people who just want to enhance their looks. Each to their own.  Even though it’s not for me, people should do what makes them happy.

claireClaire Mawisa
Claim to fame: Former model, radio and TV presenter. Currently event MC, teen life-skills workshop facilitator, and programming assistant manager at Kaya FM.

How do you take care of your skin? I have very dry skin, so the most important thing for me to do to keep my skin happy, is to moisturise.

A lesson I learnt when I was starting out in modeling in the 90s, was that I had to protect my skin from the sun. A myth with darker skinned women is that we don’t have to use sunblock as much as our fairer sisters. Not necessarily true. I use the highest SPF I can find, minimum of 40, and I use it daily, 365. Unlike other regions, Johannesburg has sun almost every single day of the year. I also try to stay out of direct sunlight as much as I can. The sun may not give me sunburn, but it does leave pigmentation.

On a hot day in summer, I sometimes use rosewater refresher spray that can also be misted over makeup.

I also use scrubs for my skin, at most, once a week. I use vitamin-enriched oils to lessen the appearance of old scars, and to avoid new scratches or wounds scarring badly.

A have a thick hand cream that I apply liberally after each hand washing.

What is your beauty routine? Every morning I wash my face with a gentle, foaming facial wash. I moisturize my face with a moisturizer for very dry skin, and apply SPF 40 facial sunblock.

I moisturize my whole body with a thick moisturizer – usually a scented aqueous cream.

In the evenings, I remove make up with facial wipes when I’m lazy – but usually use eye make-up remover and facial wash. With stubborn make up I use a facial milk cleanser. Then I apply night cream. I am addicted to night cream; there are so many great ones out there too. Once a week, for both face and body, I scrub my skin.

Do you take any supplements? No.

How do you protect yourself against environmental stressors? To protect against sun damage, I use high SPF sunblocks, and to combat dry skin I use thick moisturizers, and I use them often.

Your views on plastic surgery (are you for it or against it, why?) I personally wouldn’t undergo any plastic surgery, but I’m not against the principle of getting it done.

I fully support reconstructive surgeries, I think they allow individuals to focus on what is important, instead of something they feel is abnormal. It almost “frees” them to have a normal life.

Cosmetic plastic surgery on the other hand, is a symptom of a level of narcissism. No one is perfect, and trying to attain that through surgery will be a vicious, never-ending circle. Aging is a natural and inevitable process. I embrace it, and welcome the changes. If I focus on the inside, the outside will matter less and less.

Lisa Bobbert image by photographer Val Adamon40’s
Lisa Bobbert
Claim to fame: Award-winning Durban actress, singer and motivational speaker.

What is your beauty routine? I love Dermalogica and use most of their products. I use the Special Cleansing Gel daily and I find it even removes stage make-up. I like the sheer tint moisturiser – it has a sunscreen and a tint so you don’t need to use a base. I also use the multi-active toner and the Active Moist moisturiser. I go for regular facials and am pretty good about caring for my skin.

Do you take any supplements? I’m not fanatical about taking vitamins but I do take Vitamin C and Omega 3 daily.

How do you protect yourself against environmental stressors? I try to rest when I can and not feel guilty about it. If I am performing at night I still have to get up early to get the kids ready for school etc but I try and have an afternoon nap. Sleep is an amazing healer. I also try to keep fit. I find if I don’t exercise 3 times a week I get very grumpy.

Your views on plastic surgery (are you for it or against it, why?) I’m not sure about it. At the moment I would like to grow old gracefully and natrually – but I’m not totally opposed to the idea. I do think people must be careful of having too much botox as it can make them look strange.

ann 2013 550’s
Ann Gadd
Claim to fame: Artist and author

What is your beauty routine? A good night’s sleep, healthy diet, exercise, loads of laughter and good friends. Other than that a simple face cleanse, moisturiser and minimal base if I’m going out. Sunblock when walking.

Do you take any supplements? Yes, Spirulina, Vitamin E and Cal/Mag at the moment.

How do you protect yourself against environmental stressors? I’m fortunate to be doing what I love doing, be it painting or writing. So I am able to avoid most environmental stress such as traffic (never have meetings before 10:00) I walk most days with friends at around 7:00. A coffee and catch-up afterwards and I’m ready to take on the day! I work hard and I love what I do. The combination works for me.

Your views on plastic surgery (are you for it or against it, why?) Personally would not choose the option for myself. Beauty shines from within I believe. Sure I guess a bit of a nip and tuck may help, but having spent four days in hospital earlier this year after breaking my leg, would not return by choice! However, if you feel it will help build self-esteem then I’d respect your decision.

– Gugulethu Mdima