Have The Best Healthy Holiday With Our Top 7 Tips

While we all look forward to enjoying the holidays and kicking back during ‘silly season’, it is easy to also make silly choices – especially when it comes to your health. Mind you, there’s no need to deprive yourself if you want to feel good throughout this time of year. All it takes is an understanding of what your body needs and how to manage that. In order to ensure that you have it down pat for the end of 2018, we gathered a couple of wholesome holiday tips from our awesome hosts at Santé Wellness Retreat and Spa. Be sure to grab a copy of our latest edition and read our spa review for this amazing venue – when it comes to holistic health and wellness, they truly have the very best of everything. If your idea of a proper holiday includes some serene luxury and heavenly treatments in sumptuous surroundings (where exquisitely delicious food and organic wines are served), we can recommend you treat yourself to a day’s spa session at this venue. The pampering will ease you into 2019 and fill you with a sense of wellbeing and rejuvenated strength.

1. Enjoy your wine but make it organic.holidays | Longevity Live

Without all those pesticides and chemicals, you’ll feel a whole lot better in the morning. And then try and remember to match each glass of organic wine with at least one glass of water to keep you hydrated. But don’t stop there. While it is common knowledge that the fruits of the vine can lead to prolonged longevity, they are now also being put to use in the beauty industry. As it turns out, there are various benefits to immersing your body in the extracts of the vine, not the least of which is benefitting from its anti-aging and free-radical fighting effects. Enter vinotherapy, the latest in luxurious – but scientific – spa treatments. Click here to find out more about vinotherapy and how it can be your latest beauty indulgence.

2. Keep fit but take it easy

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Exercise is great but don’t beat yourself up trying to do major work-outs every day on holiday. Instead, focus on doing the types of exercise that you really enjoy –  for around 20 to 30 minutes 3 or 4 times a week. This is good enough to keep the metabolism going. You can also focus on getting everyone in on fun group activities that will burn energy. What you choose will depend on your location, but the majority of holidays can include things like swimming, volleyball, walking or hiking, and if you’re lucky, you can go surfing, skiing, or boarding.

3. Practice moderation

The old adage of ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’ still holds fast. But in case things run away with you, it’s worth remembering to eat when you’re hungry and then eat what you want. Stop eating before you’re full. And do indulge in all the wonderful Christmas fare, but maybe have a little fun deciding what you’ll most enjoy. So, if you want Christmas pud and all the trimmings, make a gesture and only have one roast potato, or leave out the bread with the cheese. Basically, add a little mindfulness and care to your eating plans – don’t throw caution completely to the wind.

4. Take care of your gut flora

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Cut your digestive system some slack by giving it what it needs when you over-indulge: eat some fermented food or broth to keep your gut lining in good health while also easing the discomfort from all the excess. You can also include kombucha, which is a bubble, sour-tasting fermented tea that dates back to ancient China. While commonly made from black tea, kombucha can also be fermented from green tea. As part of inducing the fermentation process, bacteria, yeast and sugar (be it cane sugar, honey or even sugar from fruits) are added to black or green tea before allowing to ferment for a week or so. During fermentation, the bacteria and yeast form a living colony known as SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) which is often later used to ferment new kombucha. Click here to find out why kombucha should be in your holiday fridge – and how it can help to maintain your gut flora.

5. Keep family stress at bay

Get your family members who bicker to agree to a truce – or avoid seeing them together – by reducing the stress on yourself, you’re bound to have a better festive season.

6. Get your sleep act together

holidays | Longevity Live

When you do eventually get to bed, have some chamomile tea – it’ll help you sleep really well – and try and avoid caffeinated drinks after 2pm. And remember breakfast means to ‘break the fast’ and that, to give your digestive system a chance to recover, you should ideally have at least 12 hours rest from eating after your last meal at night. Sweet dreams.