Breathe Yourself To Better Health

We interviewed Dan Brulé, a world-renowned pioneer in the field of breathwork, with a professional medical background, who says that simply to breathe is a tool for health, growth and change.

“At age 30 our lung capacity begins to decrease,” he explains. “By age 50 it can be up to half of what it was when we were younger. This has a negative effect on the body, as it means less oxygen is getting to our cells and we experience shortness of breath, a decrease in endurance, and become more susceptible to illness associated with the lungs.”

He adds: “The famous Framingham study, which followed over 5 000 people for three decades, found that lung volume is actually the greatest predictor for health and longevity. This isn’t surprising, as a decreased lung capacity has many negative impacts on our health.”

A decreased lung capacity can:

  • Impair metabolic function due to the lack of oxygen;
  • Increase the risk of having a heart attack or stroke;
  • Give you poor energy and general fatigue;
  • Produce a decline in concentration and memory; and
  • Lead to increased inflammation.

How can you improve the way you breathe?

“You can improve your breathing by practicing breathing for five counts in and five counts out; this has huge benefits for the mind and body, as it better oxygenates them. You can also pay closer attention to how you are breathing naturally whenever you feel a certain emotion, be it joy, sadness, anxiety, bliss, etc. You will notice that when you are holding your breath for too long a period or taking short, shallow breaths, you are not feeling your best. You will also notice your natural pattern of breathing when you are experiencing bliss. en, when you notice that you are feeling anxious or sad, you can change your state by making yourself breathe in the same way as you do when you are in a state of bliss,” says Brulé. Click here to discover the link between obesity and difficulty breathing.

“You can learn to see breathing as behavior that either serves you or doesn’t serve you, and you can begin to choose to breathe in a way that serves. With practice this will become a habit or a natural reflex. So whenever you start to feel anxious, your practiced breathing pattern will kick in and you will change state.”

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