Learn from Shakira’s Healthy Body Habits

Forty-three, this Columbian superstar could easily pass for ten to fifteen years younger than she really is. To be honest…Shakira hasn’t changed much in appearance since her arrival in the United States in 1998 at age 20. She’s just full of youth, but that kind of energy doesn’t just happen without some effort. There are some habits she needs to keep doing for her to look so young at age forty-three.

But if you ask Shakira what she does to keep herself looking so good, you’ll understand why her body is the way it is. Just like her co-star 2020 Super Bowl LIV Half-time Show performance partner Jennifer Lopez. Shakira is a mother of two children and works hard to achieve her fit physique. Although her routine is tough especially for a forty-three-year-old, it does keep her fit for the stage. She also keeps her endurance up so she has the stamina to dance for hours on worldwide tours in front of thousands of fans.
We have taken the time to find out what Shakira’s daily routine involves so that you can try to incorporate some of these habits into your routine too. This will help you, forty-three or not, achieve your stage-ready body!

Get Shakira’s Healthy Body at Forty-Three

If you’ve ever watched Shakira perform whilst she’s on stage then you’ll know that she dances for most of it. Therefore, it is no surprise to us that at age forty-three she does a lot of dance-based fitness to keep her in shape. Apparently an integral part of her exercise routine is completing her good friend and trainer Anna Kaiser’s signature dance interval workouts. Shakira kick starts every Monday morning with a 90-minute sweat session. That’s exactly why she looks so amazing!

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