Meghan Markle Duchess Of Sussex, Sweats It Out

Meghan Markle may be a royal, but she certainly knows how to stay in top shape. And she definitely doesn’t do this by sipping on tea all day. Her personal trainer tells us that she follows an intense workout program and sweats up to four times a week!

Luckily, fitness and health have always been a part of her life. Okay, so she does have an advantage there! As the daughter of a yoga instructor, Meghan Markle has always understood the importance of keeping fit and healthy.

However, it still takes loads of discipline to maintain a body like hers. A lot of sweat is involved. And whilst she loves therapeutic activities like as pilates and running, her former trainer says she also enjoys weight-based workouts.Meghan Markle [longevity live]

Meghan Markle Shares Go-To Workouts

The actress from tv series Suits and duchess says she always ensures that she takes care of her skin and body, especially with her long working hours. Meghan says that she doesn’t only look after herself for aesthetic reasons. She does it because we are dictated by the food we eat, how much rest we get and how much water we drink.Meghan Markle [longevity live]

Her personal trainer Craig McNamee tells us that he came to know Markle three years ago while she was filming Suits in Canada. He says that her fitness levels were already of a high standard when she enlisted McNamee’s help. So, he had to create a series of workouts that would actually challenge her.

Because Meghan was already running and doing yoga often, she was already in fantastic shape. Therefore, she requires much more intense workouts that challenge her to push her body to the next level. McNamee did this by incorporating circuit-based strength training into her workout regime.

McNamee says that when she gets to the gym, there are no real complaints and she gets down to business right away and really enjoys it.

Next Level Workout Program

Her former trainer explains that she would meet up with him three to four days a week for training sessions that would last approximately 45 minutes. His main focus was to guarantee that Markle’s entire body would be put to work. To do this he would have her do a high number of reps using lighter weights.Meghan Markle [longevity live]

Many times people get used to their workouts and do not spice them up enough. We end up focusing too much on specific body parts. When in fact you should be ramping up the volume with a full-body approach. McNamee adds that because Meghan is constantly onscreen, they really had to focus on posture.

Meghan Markle’s Top Exercises

The first exercise is a rear-foot elevated split squat and press. According to McNamee, this involves holding a dumbbell in each hand above your shoulders. You then need to place the top of one of your feet behind you on a bench and then simultaneously lunge and lift the weights above your head.Meghan Markle [longevity live]

He explains that the second exercise is a single-leg kettlebell deadlift. This exercise is great for engaging your core and puts your balance to the test. McNamee adds that this exercise is followed by dynamic plyo-step ups and then TRX tricep extensions to challenge your arms and core.

Lastly, the circuit ends with hanging abdominal raises, which McNamee describes as highly ‘advanced.’ McNamee and Markle are not currently training together, but they do still keep in touch regularly.

McNamee adds that Meghan is dedicated to her health. And it’s a big aspect of her life. She now focuses on keeping up with the workouts the two of them did together and ensures that every session makes her sweat! On top of this, she follows a plant-based diet throughout the week, uses green juices to cleanse and lives a balanced life with a glass of wine every now and then.

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