Rihanna’s Menu Looks A Little Different This Year

Rihanna’s diet plays a major role in keeping her toned, fit and healthy. She has changed her tune though and wants to follow a healthier approach with her body. She’s embracing her womanly curves and feels confident doing it, more so than ever before.Rihanna's | Longevity Live

She says she has always had a ‘moody’ body and it changes shape very easily. But, instead of stressing about staying skinny, she now prefers to choose self-love and body positivity.

Rihanna has a naturally curvy physique. Her fans are flocking to social media to celebrate her newer, curvier build. In actual fact, she has deliberately put on weight. However, the weight is healthy, natural and is in all the right places. We love the fact that she is teaching girls around the globe to feel good in their own skins.

Be yourself and worry less about fitting in with unrealistic beauty standards ladies.

Rihanna’s New Meal Plan

The first thing the singer tells everybody when they ask. is that she has a fluctuating body type. This is perfectly normal because many other women experience this.Rihanna's | Longevity Live

Rihanna’s personal chef, Debbie Solomon, who travels around the world cooking for her talks to Bon Appetit. Her chef, Debbie says she is a “moody eater.” And that she also dislikes being tied down to a specific weekly menu. Basically, she wants to eat what she’s in the mood for.

I am in complete agreement with her there!

Debbie prepares all her meals and snacks. It does help a ton when you have somebody to cook for you. However, it’s still very achievable if you consciously choose to dedicate time to a little bit of meal preparation. According to Popsugar, many of Debbie’s dishes are inspired by Caribbean flavours.

Rihanna’s favourite breakfast usually involves eating eggs. In an interview with The Doctors, Debbie says Riri eats four boiled eggs, one slice of toast without the crusts, mixed berries with mango, pineapple, and papaya. But, this changes depending on her mood and she sometimes opts for a lighter breakfast of egg whites, pineapple, and hot water with lemon.

Being so popular means lots of travelling.

That’s when it’s super important to fuel your body and keep healthy!

Rihanna's | Longevity Live Many of us tend to get lazy when we’re travelling. Looking to Rihanna as inspiration is a good start because she loves food.

Debbie makes sure to always have all the proteins Rihanna likes to eat. These are not your typical lean proteins described on a tight meal plan. Instead, the pop star enjoys eating drumsticks or curried chicken, a recipe Rihanna’s aunt helped the chef perfect.

Debbie also includes vegetables, rice, and pasta. Oh, and never forgets to bring along a selection of spices like bouillon, curry, cumin seeds, and garlic.

Rihanna’s personal trainer, Ary Nuñez says that you shouldn’t mix starches with protein. This is because there is an enzyme which processes starches and an enzyme that processes protein.She believes that the combination is not an ideal one. Therefore, Rihanna prefers to fuel herself with protein. A typical dinner includes fish with a salad or vegetables.

Rihanna’s Killer Workouts

‘Abs are made in the kitchen.’ This is a very well-known phrase.

Whilst it’s true, you can’t get rock solid abs without sweating and training properly.  Riri has a curvy body and this year we see her walking the streets looking super confident in her skin. However, she still maintains a really toned physique with incredibly strong abdominal muscles.

Personal trainer, Ary, uses a mix of martial arts, dancing, and callisthenics as part of Rihanna’s workout programme. A lot of the exercises involve ab-focused work like full range sit-ups, plank holds, and sit-ups with torso rotations. Your body shows its best results when you mix up your workouts. Repeating an exercise is a good thing because you can see your improvements. However, doing the same type of workout over and over creates lazy muscles. You want to make sure that every workout challenges them in some way.Rihanna's | Longevity Live

Therefore, Riri has two trainers. Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak also works with the singer and encourages you to keep moving throughout the entire workout, even if you’re tired. You want to minimize the rest period between sets, to keep your heart rate at 80% max.

Harley’s style involves a variation of cardio like running, tae kwon do, full-body Capoeira, and basic dumbbell, moves. These moves include; squats, lunges, and shoulder presses.

Rihanna’s body always looks great no matter the mood it’s in. And it looks this way because she puts in huge amounts of effort. There are no secret moves, just loads of varieties and hard work!

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