Clothing Signs That Show Your Wardrobe Will Last

Clothing signs that act as a clear indication to show you that your wardrobe is actually going to last long. With eco-friendly and sustainable fashion being at the forefront of fashion. It’s vital that we all learn about how to choose clothing that’s going to get us as many wearings as possible. Gone are the days of buying a new item every week. And not only do we care about the environment, but we are also trying to save our cash too.

Eco-fashion is so much more than a brand simply being environmentally friendly. It involves the entire production line, from the materials your clothing is made from to the factories the clothes are made in. Organic materials, water waste, transparency, recycling, working conditions and fair pay are all apart of ‘eco-fashion.’

Therefore, as regular shoppers, we need to get our wardrobes into eco-friendly shape. Even top celebrities like; Emma WatsonGwyneth Paltrow, and Meghan Markle, are all campaigning for eco-friendly brands.

Clothing Signs That Demonstrate Quality

In my opinion, there is nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on an item that falls to pieces within a few days. I mean, what a waste, right? For heaven’s sake, you’d think in 2019 it should be easier than ever to produce better quality, long-lasting clothing. Thankfully there are a few ways to determine which garments are going to last longer than others. A lot of the time these clothes are designed to break to lure you into the trap of buying more. Not only is this highly inconvenient, but it is also very signs [longevity live]

You will only get your money’s worth when you’ve picked garments that can see you through an entire season. And if you’re lucky, sometimes more than that. Luckily, I have some simple ways to tell if your wardrobe items are well-made or flimsy. Knowing this can help you make informed choices on your next shop.

Check out these clothing hacks which signal that your clothes are durable and built to last.

1. Clothing Should Not Be Translucent

There are certain light fabric garments where sheer is the look the designer may have gone for. But, having said that, the item should still not be completely transparent.

When it’s super hot outside and you can’t bear the thought of something thick and heavy draping on your body, lightweight fabrics may be a desirable option. However, when an item is sheer it can be the first sign that it will not have a very long lifespan.

clothing signs [longevity live]

Why? Sheer fabrics are very fragile and are therefore easily susceptible to tearing, ripping and pulling, This is because they contain fewer fibers. The only thin material that is exempt from this happening would be silk. Mainly because real, high-quality silk will not allow undergarments to show.

Test this out by holding your garment up to the light. If you are unable to see the outline of your hand through the material, this means that the garment is more durable over time.

2. Your Jeans Are Heavy And Stiff

Generally speaking, when you buy a pair of genuine, top quality jeans they should not feel soft and stretchy. If they are, then you should be aware that they will probably not last very long.

If you’re shopping for classic jeans to last a lifetime, then don’t opt for the ones that you can ‘just slide into.’ A long lasting pair of jeans should actually feel slightly uncomfortable. This is a good sign.

According to GQ, high-quality denim is usually heavier and a bit stiff at first. This is because of the material’s higher thread count. Whereas cheaper denim often feels soft right off the rack because they contain fewer fibers and are sometimes pre-washed with chemicals to achieve that softness. This process is what actually decreases their durability.

3. No Gaps At The Seams

You know when you pull at the seams of your clothing and there’s a big gap that appears?

Well, that shouldn’t happen at all. In fact, you want to opt for tighter, more frequent stitches as these will make sure your garment has stronger seams. But when there are loose stitches placed far apart your item will have weaker seams and will be more prone to splitting.

You can test your item by pulling on a seam and examining whether or not you can see through it. This is a sign that the garment might be poorly constructed. What you want to find is more durable clothing. Therefore, the garment needs to have hardier stitches with no discernible gaps.

4. Shirts Need Extra Panels Between The Shoulders

Often when we buy a new shirt, we have the intention to wear it and keep it for a long time, However, this doesn’t happen very often because we end up with a discoloured, worn-out piece of fabric after just one or two washes.

When choosing a collared shirt, be sure to look out for the ones made with a collar called a “back yoke” between the shoulders. These designs are built to last longer. This is basically an extra panel of material that strengthens the back of the shirt and reinforces the area against pulling and rubbing. Subtle clothing signs mean the signs | Longevity LIVE

5. Fabric Seams Should Match The Fabric Pattern

Are you a lover of plaid and striped fabrics? Then these clothing signs are what you need to pay attention to when shopping.

This is a very subtle way of determining the quality of a piece of patterned clothing. All you need to do is check to see if the pattern of the shirt pocket matches the surrounding material of the shirt front.

This is because the matching stripes or plaids at the seams require much more time and extra material during construction. So when you’re about to buy a garment from a low-quality manufacturer. They will have most likely missed this step. However, it’s very unlikely that mismatched stripes will cause a garment to fall apart before its time.

This will only act as a sign that the clothing brand has cut corners in other areas of design or construction. If the patterns on a garment do match up, it’s more likely to be higher quality.

6. Check That The Hems Are Finished

Clothing signs that your item is most likely going to unravel would be “raw” hems. This is when the hems on your garment haven’t been sewn or “finished” with extra fabric. Not only will the item fall to pieces easily, it will also look signs [longevity live]

Many fast fashion manufacturers often simply cut the ends of pants or skirts without finishing the hem. This is because this attention to detail takes a lot of extra time and material. If the hem of a garment is folded over and sewn, it’s more likely to last without fraying.

When In Doubt, Read The Labels

If you can’t tell much about your garment from the first glance, then the best thing you can do is read its label. Any decent kind of brand label should provide you with these details and clothing signs.

Even the best-designed piece of clothing will suffer if you do not care for it properly. It is crucial that you know how to treat a garment by knowing what it’s made of. A piece of quality clothing should include a detailed care label that explains exactly how to wash and dry the garment. It should contain both words and symbols to clearly demonstrate the process.

Just as importantly, the label should tell you about the fabric content. It is also a good sign if you’re provided with the information about the origin or grade of the fibers used.

For more clothing signs to determine whether or not your garment will last, check out Insider.

You can always tell a brands quality by examining its durability. It also helps when a brand provides you with a quality guarantee or warranty. It doesn’t make sense for a company to promise a refund on a shirt that may unravel within a month. Therefore,  when a garment has a decent warranty on clothing purchases it’s a good sign that the item you’re buying has a long life ahead of it.

And if you want an even safer investment then, ask to see a written copy of the warranty before you buy it. Any good retailer is obligated by law to show you a written copy prior to the purchase of any item over $15.

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