Crazy Mushroom Magic And Herbal Supplementation Are On Trend

Crazy mushroom magic is a real thing and has hit the US market by storm! Who knew that mushrooms would become so popular? In fact, I never knew that there were so many types to begin with. Performance athletes and health and wellness experts are all bragging about their mushroom coffees. They can’t stop promoting the apparent, unlimited benefits of these ‘shrooms.’ There’s also a noticeable shift towards herbal supplementation and using ancient Chinese medicines to improve stamina, strength, immunity, focus and even longevity. But why?

According to the American Botanical Council, the herbal supplement market has increased to $5.3 billion in the United States alone. Not to mention how quickly this hype is spreading throughout the rest of the world…

More importantly, we need to evaluate this closely and inform ourselves about the health safety and efficacy of these herbal supplements. We must always try to be safe about our nutrition choices and there are some questions one should be asking, especially if you’re an athlete and want to try out herbal methods.

Crazy Mushroom Magic Is Going to Grow

This is one of those health trends that I don’t see disappearing any time soon. People seem to be latching onto it and although there may be some sceptics out there, I think there has to be a good reason behind it. Besides, why would ancient tribes of people use these methods if they didn’t bring something beneficial to their health?

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New reports that we will see a massive rise in crazy mushroom usage over the next three years in the US market. By 15% to be exact. There are different reasons why people are using mushrooms.The main one seems to be because of their high vitamin D content. Interestingly, there are also people who are making healthy concoctions with mushrooms, cocoa, cinnamon and other ingredients that you can drink. These crazy drinks are booming. There are people investing millions of dollars into the production of them. Mushroom magic is spreading fast.

Not your common variety of mushrooms

The crazy mushroom under the spotlight are not the common ones you’re used to buying at the store like portobellos, shiitakes or button mushrooms. These are other kinds that Whole foods have called ‘functional mushrooms.’  They’re nothing new to humans because of ancient medicine but it’s only now that we’re hopping onto the bandwagon. I mean we’re talking about exotic varieties like; reishi, chaga, cordyceps and lion’s mane. Wellness gurus are not limiting themselves to eating them either. They are instead using them to make powders and extracts for their smoothies, teas, coffees, broths, beauty products, and creams.

Performance Over Taste

I guess the first question to be asking is what these mushrooms taste like. Do people enjoy consuming these or is it purely in the hopes of getting some magical health benefit out of it?

According to some high-performance athletes, eating these mushrooms is not necessarily about the taste. Let’s face it, most mushrooms have an earthy taste. The reason they’re so popular is the idea that they may make you feel and perform better. Better yet, research states that certain mushrooms like chaga mushrooms might improve mood and performance. Whilst others like cordyceps can increase vitality and endurance. And then you get lion’s mane which might improve brain function and reishi for helping fight off tumors and cancer growth.

Anti-aging properties of mushrooms

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Interestingly, the mad mushroom craze is not only about strength and physical performance. People are also quickly learning about their possible anti-aging properties and ability to promote longevity. Even, Gwyneth Paltrow’s website Goop is even promoting a product using mushrooms called ‘Moon Juice.’ This product is all about boosting your energy, brain power, and vibrancy. Goop features this product as ‘edible intelligence.’ This product is supposed to help combat the effects of stress to align you with the cosmic flow for great achievement.

Know Your Facts

If you want to boost your stamina, physical performance and immunity then I’d suggest getting some crazy mushroom powder and blending it into your coffee. Some researchers agree that there are definitely beneficial compounds within these mushrooms. However, the benefits are sensationalized, as with most marketing. So just get your facts straight.

Remember that people make a lot of money from compounds that have an unspecified chemical nature. This is because they don’t have any hardcore evidence behind their benefits which makes it easier to market and talk nonsense.

The only problem is that the ones loaded with vitamin D are not the usual ones found in local stores. The ones which claim to contain more vitamin D are often extremely pricey. Experts recommend the DIY route. Apparently, if you slice up mushrooms and leave it outside on some aluminium foil for about 15 minutes. You will naturally enhance their vitamin D content by at least 25%.

Crazy Mushroom Magic As Medicine

As I said, for centuries mushrooms have been used as a cure by a few different cultures. The Guardian states that the Greek physician Hippocrates identified the amadou mushroom as good for reducing inflammation and cauterizing wounds around 450 BCE. sites.

In addition, the Chinese used mushrooms for anti-aging and preventing cancer.crazy mushroom [longevity live]David Hibbett, PhD., a mushroom expert and professor of biology at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, says the psychoactive effects of hallucinogenic mushrooms and the toxicity of poisonous varieties prove the potent bioactive effects of mushrooms. He says that mushrooms produce a lot of interesting chemical compounds that could be defensive. In addition, they might be useful for killing bacteria and other bodily invaders that make us sick. He explains that fungi produce some of our most important drugs including; penicillin and cholesterol-lowering statins.

The list goes on.

Should We Start Eating More Mushrooms?

Yes. There’s no harm in eating the crazy mushroom powder. If you look at the research, then it’s safe to say that you have more to gain by eating mushrooms than you have to lose. Just don’t rely on them to solve your health issues.

There is more funding going into the study of mushrooms and there is a tremendous amount of potential for human health.  Experts state that there’s a flood of knowledge coming downstream into the public consciousness.

Scientists believe that there is an exciting future ahead of us. We are going to find more active compounds that are extremely useful in a therapeutic setting. The point is to take any herbal supplement with a pinch of salt. Nutritional supplements are also only loosely approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration.) This means that you shouldn’t believe every claim.

However, if you want to try a crazy mushroom supplement, then go for it! There is no guarantee that a supplement will help you. Nor is there one that will harm you. Just make sure your supplement is natural and not filled with harmful additives. Your best bet is to always search for organic products.

You can read more about the anti-aging power of mushrooms here.


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