Elle Macpherson’s Alkalizing Diet Secrets

Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson is still a natural bombshell at the age of 52. Mother of two, actress and businesswoman Macpherson has worked hard to make her mark on the world. Yet in her late 40’s the culmination of stressors caught up with her. She began to gain weight and suffer from fatigue. Yet something as simple as an alkalizing diet was all it took to change her story around.

Elle’s Body Troubles

Elle Macpherson aging
Elle Macperhson

Four years ago Macpherson could feel that her body was struggling. Even though she had been routinely drinking three liters’ of water a day and had cut out red meat and alcohol years ago this wasn’t enough. She was increasingly suffering from fatigue and a consistent weight gain around her midsection. Macpherson said, “I realise now that we can easily get into a rut of doing the same thing, expecting different results.”

She sat down with nutritional doctor Dr Simone Laubscher, who explained that after years of globetrotting and a high stress lifestyle her system had become acidic, which could lead to longterm health problems. The theory is that a high-acid diet creates a breeding ground for disease and leads to poor health. “If you’re getting aching joints, gaining weight, craving carbs or sugar, or you have brain fog, then you’re running too acidic,” Laubscher goes on to say, “We’re living in concrete jungles, with a mobile phone strapped to our ear 24/7 and toxins flooding the water and air and everything that’s more toxic leads to more acidity.”

The Alkalizing Diet


Laubscher introduced her to the idea of an alkaline diet, which marked a turning point in her health. “I noticed changes in just two weeks: I had more vitality, my skin wasn’t dry, I stopped craving sugar and my mood stabilised, everything became more balanced. A welcome by-product was losing weight around my middle.”

Macpherson also chose to work with celebrity nutritionist and personal trainer James Duigan, who inspired her to change her lifestyle and eating habits, including alkalizing her diet. Duigan advised her to cut out the ‘CRAP’, meaning caffeine, refined foods, alcohol and processed foods.

For Macpherson, switching to an alkaline diet meant cutting down the coffee from three espresso’s to one a day, eating only one animal protein meal a day (usually fish), increasing her intake of vegetables, and trading her various supplements for one super-green supplement. She has also realized that more sleep is key to staying healthy and alkaline plus 45 minutes of exercise a day. “I eat three meals a day and two snacks,” she adds. “Some of my favourite foods are spinach, beetroot, goat’s cheese, pearl barley, kale, quinoa, pine nuts, halloumi, and I eat fish but no red meat or chicken.” Macpherson has seen great physical and emotional improvements with her new lifestyle. “Eat vegetables, fruits and lean protein, a little bit of dark chocolate if that’s what you like, and lots of water,” she adds. “Nothing too extreme, it’s all about balance.” The actress believes wholeheartedly that an alkaline body is a healthier body.

An alkaline diet typically consists of vegetables, fruits, beans, green leafy vegetables, seeds, ancient grains (quinoa, amaranth), sprouts, coconut, avocados, eggs, fish and nuts.

“When you balance the acidity in your skin and the alkalinity in your blood, you start to see a more radiant glow. I did,” Macpherson told The New Potato. Four years on, she credits this dietary approach, which advocates an 80/20 ratio of alkaline to acid foods to create the optimal pH balance for good health.

Elle’s Alkalizing Diet Powder

green juice

Feeling the difference alkalizing had made in her life Macpherson decided to team up with Laubscher and create a wholefood organic product line including the The Super Elixir, a food-based alkalising supplement that contains greens, prebiotics, probiotics, Chinese herbs and medicinal mushrooms that can be consumed daily in juice or water. When choosing an alkalising supplement, Laubscher recommends going for an organic product saying, “If you take something synthetic, you pee out the vitamins.” Macpherson adds, “We made sure the ingredients were bio-live so they could be absorbed and were ‘useful’ to the body.”

Many experts agree that an 80% alkaline diet provides the necessary fuel and nutrients to keep our organs, blood and brain in the state needed to ensure long lasting health and vitality.