Facial For Changing Seasons: To Steam Or Not?

Managing skin during changing seasons may be difficult, and whilst you may skip a wax or two during the colder months, this is when your facial appointments should become more crucial, as part of fighting dry and sensitive skin that may accompany the arrival of changing weather.

On average, it takes our skin an average of between three and four weeks to move through a full cycle of skin cell growth. Therefore, it comes highly advised to diarize professional facial appointments in accordance to those times. Here are facials that become essential, as well as those that may  counter-productivity in an already tricky game of taking care of our skin during the cooler months:

Peels and Laser Treatmentfacial | Longevity

Chemical peels and laser treatment are ideal for the cooler months, because we are less likely to be sitting out in the sun or outdoors at all. That being said, because chemical peel facials are to improve the smooth texture of the skin by removing the outermost layers of the skin, in order to not dry up the skin, try to avoid harsh glycolic peels.

Steam Facial

The age-old (and often performed in the comfort of our own homes) steam facial do not come highly advised for the colder months. In fact, you should also re-consider your highly steamed showers and/or baths, which also contribute to our already dry and sensitive skin during winter.

Alternatively, you could use a thermal spritzer on your face after stepping out of the shower and/or bath should parting with the coziness of your steamy bath and/or shower seems impossible on those days that peak below zero. In addition, the use of bath oils may assist in achieving well moisturized skin during winter. Though the bottom line remains: Hotter temperatures, and more specifically, steam (whilst it may be effective in cleaning out your pores) strips more natural moisturizers from skin than cooler temperatures, making it a grave mistake to subject your already fragile skin to excessive amounts of steam.

facials | LongevityAromatherapy Facial

Aromatherapy facials assist in naturally nourishing and enriching your skin using aroma oils. A perfect solution for achieving healthy and glowing skin during the cooler months!

Hydration Facial Treatment

Hydration facials with very gentle exfoliation help to restore the hydration in your skin and come highly advised during winter. This facial also helps reduce fine lines and restore your glowing complexion. The facial includes double cleansing, extraction, serum and gentle exfoliate; making it the perfect winter facial!

Gold-Infused Facial

A personal favourite for its indulgent nature. Gold-infused skincare is a far more luxuries and trendy than its counterparts, facials | Longevityhowever it is sadly less effective. However, According to Dr Paul Jarred Frank, when applied topically, raw gold may also help brighten up the skin. In addition, Gold, in its most natural state as a soft metal is said to  improve blood circulation and the removal of toxins. Typically, a gold-infused facial given at the spa follows the usual formula of a normal facial: cleansing, exfoliation and extractions, followed by the gold-infused facial mask. The problem however, comes with the ingredients infused with the gold.

In general, with all facials done during winter, try make sure that the exfoliation is gentle and to cut back on the number of times you make use of your exfoliator at home to avoid further irritating and/ or drying out your skin.

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