My First Yoga Class In Joburg – Learn From My Mistakes.

Yoga is a practice that has become a symbol of peace and serenity throughout the West, and has become increasingly popular. Millions of people find themselves in a yoga class every day. Meaning, you’re sure to know a yogi or two that raves about the mind-body practice. In addition to its endless list of benefits. And, the plain fact that most people who have aged healthily credit yoga for that. Being handed a book to read about yoga is actually what sparked my initial interest.

I found an incredible yoga studio, Yoga Experience at The Thrupps Illovo Shopping Center, and committed to ten consecutive days of yoga classes before even stepping foot into my first lesson. Like a few of you as well I am sure, I’m incredibly lazy when it comes to working out. Therefore, I agreed to the classes knowing that if there was no pressure placed on myself – I wouldn’t have  been back.  And as the lovely lady at the front desk sternly  warned me with a warm smile on her face, “yoga is not for sisies”. Committing to 10 days also allowed me to tough it out and try the various different types of yoga until I found my match. Something that comes highly recommended. My First Yoga Class In Joburg - Learn From My Mistakes| Longevity

For my first yoga class I did Flow yoga, and it was slightly difficult but not too awful.

It was just more uncomfortable than anything else. On the second day, I stood up to the challenge that is Bikram Yoga. Which, if you don’t know, is a form of yoga performed in a heated room. Although I stopped eating an hour before class as you’re supposed to, and had an apple to increase my sugar levels slightly – I didn’t drink nearly as much water as I should have which is why what happened next happened.

Bare in mind these are completely extreme conditions .This form of yoga is done in a room heated to approximately 60 degrees celcius. That’s hot- Although, I say this as I try to restore a bit of the embarrassment I’m about to endure.

I felt myself slipping away, incredibly dizzy and pretty much seeing the light. I had a complete outer body experience. And, during the part of the class where the instructor opens the door slightly for some ventilation. Probably about 25 minutes into the 90 minute class. My feet just carried my body to the door and out the class. Without trying to be too dramatic. I really thought I was dying, and immediately understood what I was being warned of. 

A week later, with a couple more classes under my belt I stayed in the same room for the entire 90 minutes, and was able to execute every move. I have never felt better and I now cannot wait to go back. I’m so looking forward to conquering Bikram once more.

Here are 3 tips to surviving your first yoga class:

1.  Do a little bit of research.

Knowing what I know now I would have like to start started with Inyengar, and then flow and then moved into doing Bikram yoga.

Do a bit of research about the different styles of yoga before making your choice. The studio you go to and the yoga instructor also play quite a role in your yoga experience. If you can, pay the studio you’re thinking of joining a visit and speak to instructors; ask them questions so that you can get a great sense of whether or not they would be a great fit for you.My First Yoga Class In Joburg - Learn From My Mistakes.| Longevity

Download the MindBody app from the app store to help you find studios near you.

2. Drink plenty of water

From the moment you wake up to just before the class, make sure you drink plenty of water. Your water intake, makes the world of a difference to how well your body response to the class.

3. Get to class early

Besides the peace of mind it will bring. Being early for your first yoga class is must, as you’ll most probably have a form to fill out and your instructor will want to know a bit about you. You also want to be able to place you yoga mat where you feel comfortable being for your first class, and being early would help well with that.

Let me know how your first yoga experience was and if this helped.