Food Allergies Solution: Use These Alternatives

Food allergies can be a constant nightmare for approximately 2.5% of the general population, as they make cooking and eating out more of a hassle than they need be. Allergies are an immune response to foreign materials. Once a food allergen enters the body, the antibody IgE is released and this release triggers responses which indicate an allergic reaction. Such responses include cramps, stuffy nose, nausea and rashes.

Thankfully, as the rise in food allergies has lead to a variety of healthy, bountiful substitutes and with these delicious alternatives, you won’t have to think twice when it comes to eating out or cooking.

food allergies | Longevity LIVECitrus

While one of the least common food allergies, citrus allergies do occur and symptoms include rashes, asthma, flushed skin and acid reflux. If you’re looking to replace the zest that citrus adds to your dishes, simply substitute it with either apple cider vinegar or other herbs and spices.

food allergies | Longevity LIVEEggs

Avoiding eggs can be tricky, especially when you consider how they are regularly used as binders, emulsifiers and leavening agents in many recipes.

An egg allergy is the body’s reaction to the proteins present in the egg and with eggs being so readily used, it’s important to always read food labels so that you can better avoid eggs or any other egg derivatives. If you’re unable to start the day without enjoying an omelette for breakfast, then tofu and chickpea flour all are wonder alternatives if you’re looking to make an egg-free omelettes. Now if you’re an avid baker, you can replace the eggs with mashed bananas, mashed pumpkin, fruit purees and flaxseeds as they each make great binding agents.

food allergies | Longevity LIVEMilk

Being lactose intolerance or allergic to milk products (be it cow milk, sheep milk or even goat milk) can result in symptoms that include an upset stomach, wheezing, nausea, vomiting and even hives. As milk is a common staple at every breakfast table, you might want to opt for dairy alternatives that include coconut and flax milk.

A good substitute for cow’s milk is organic, sugar-free almond milk. This milk is not only free of low in calories but it can also help to lower blood sugar, improve heart health and it’s also high in the skin-enriching vitamin E. While almond milk is rich in calcium, you can also find other calcium-rich foods such as kale and figs here.

food allergies | Longevity LIVEPeanuts

Nuts are the perfect snack food due to their high omega-3 fatty acid content. They also help provide a number of health benefits which include improved heart health. That being said, it’s unfortunate to know how common they are as a food allergy.

Luckily, there are other foods that are not only great for snacking but they’re also extremely high in omega-3s. One food group in particular are seeds.

Chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and sunflower seeds are all great alternatives to nuts and not only do they come in butter form – thus replacing peanut butter- but they are also viable options in replacing nuts in baking recipes.

food allergies | Longevity LIVEWheat

Before we suggest wheat alternatives, it’s important to first differentiate between a wheat allergy and celiac disease. A wheat allergy is a food allergy whereas celiac disease is due to the body’s inability to break down the protein found in wheat- gluten.

An allergic reaction to wheat – which can be found in many pastas, breads and baked goods – often leads to rashes, headaches, runny nose, vomiting and cramps. Our favourite grain alternatives to wheat grain include quinoa, farro, millet and  amaranth. Moreover, there are also plenty of wheat-free and gluten-free flours that are perfect for the avid baker. These include almond flour, spelt flour, sprouted flour and coconut flour.

Bottom line on food allergies

While these allergies can be frustrating and often lead to boring and restrictive diets, there are plenty of healthy and delicious alternatives out there for you to enjoy. All it takes is a little bit of extra effort and you’ll be rid of them in no time!