Fragrance Must-Haves: Longevity’s Top Picks

Here are our top three recommended scents that smell like summer!Fragrance | Longevity LIVE For a fragrance that are fresh and remind of balmy days, with the wind still carrying a reminder of spring flowers, look no further than right here.

1. Gabrielle Chanel

Chanel’s latest fragrance is in honor of Gabrielle Chanel, celebrating her untameable temperament and bold personality.

  • The scent

Perfumer Olivier Polge collaborated with the Chanel Fragrance Creation and Development Laboratory on this fragrance. The aim was to create a unique floral scent they felt adequately represented Gabrielle Chanel’s true personality. Polge used ylang-ylang, jasmine, orange blossom and tuberose as the base notes. From there he individualized the scent by adding unique accents such as white musk, milky sandalwood, mandarin peel, grapefruit and blackcurrant.

  • The message behind it

Gabrielle the woman, like Coco the designer, was rebellious, loving and timelessly elegant. To amplify this, the glass bottle was made exceptionally light, unlike the heavy bottles of most luxury perfumes. It was also designed as the perfect geometric square. The walls of the glass converge towards the centre of the bottle, where the square label – the same size as the one on the cap – unifies the simplistic, elegant components. Get it for R2 465 (100ml) at selected Red Square outlets and find it at their website on the following link.

2. La Mia Perla Fragrance | Longevity LIVE

From the luxury lingerie brand La Perla, this scent was created to embody and embrace beauty and femininity.

  • The scent

La Perla’s new scent belongs to an innovative fragrance family called Solariental, known for being rich and incandescent. The core scent is composed of jasmine sambac and white peony, which is accentuated with a touch of spicy mandarin and white pepper. To harmonize this floral combination and add a touch of elegance, the creators added orris, silky suede and ambrox. Finally, sandalwood and muscenone bring a muskiness to lift the composition.

  • The message behind it

Ada Masotti, founder of La Perla, chose to name her company “The Pearl” after drawing a comparison between the intricacies of the female form and the mystery surrounding this deep-sea gem. Today, Julia Haart, creative director of the brand, has decided to continue telling Ada’s story of how sensuality and elegance can empower women worldwide. The scent is a celebration of women who value power, liberation and femininity. Get it for R1 650 (100ml) at selected Red Square outlets and find it on their website at the following link.

3. Boss The Scent Intense (For him and her)

Through the higher oil concentration of these two new eaux de parfum, Hugo Boss aims to create irresistible attraction between the BOSS Man and Woman scents.

  • The scent

For Him: The stimulating, spicy ginger top notes have been intensified with cardamom. The base scent comprises the maninka fruit, with the addition of vanilla and leather to increase the scent’s strength. Get it for R1 510 (100ml). Fragrance | Longevity LIVE

For Her: Fruity honeyed peach and osmanthus flower top notes are combined to heighten each other. The intense roasted cocoa base is also enhanced with new vanilla notes, which enrich the elegance and sensuality of the scent. Get it for R1 360 (100ml). Find it at selected Red Square outlets and on their website at the following link.

  • The message behind it

BOSS Parfums have taken the game of seduction to the next level with the introduction of BOSS The Scent Intense, built off
the global success of BOSS The Scent for Him and Her. The new perfume duo represents the next chapter of the brand’s
seduction story.

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