How To Get Renée Zellweger’s Anti-Aging Glow

Beauty Product Review. This past Sunday Renée Zellweger won the BAFTA award for Best Leading Actress. Now, while her performance as Judy Garland definitely stole the show and deserved  praise, it would have been hard not to notice just how breathless the 50-year-old actress looked as she accepted her award. So, what is Renée Zellweger’s anti-aging secret? Well according to her trusted make-up artist and skin-care specialist Dana Hamel, it’s all thanks to collagen-focused products, courtesy of German-born skincare brand QMS Medicosmetics.

QMS Medicosmetics and collagen

Collagen is an essential protein in the body that helps to maintain the health of your skin. It helps to strengthen it as well as keep it firm and supple. Unfortunately, as with most things, our levels of collagen begin to decline as we age. This then leaves our skin prone to dryness, sogginess as well as wrinkles and fine lines. That said, ensuring that our skin receives enough collagen is an essential anti-aging tip.

That said, in 1986 Dr. Med. Erich Schulte, launched QMS Medicosmetics with a range of products that would help to re-introduce collagen deep, resulting in improved elasticity and appearance. Now while Renée Zellweger’s skin-care specialist Dana Hamel revealed that she used three QMS products to enhance the actress’s appearance, there is one specific product that stood out to us – the QMS Medicosmetics Active Exfoliant.

Product Review: QMS Medicosmetics Active Exfoliant 11%

QMS Medicosmetics does place an emphasis on collagen in regards to their products. However, they also understand the importance of skin regeneration, and that is why they have a product that works to stimulate cell production, all while protecting the health of the skin’s barrier.

What Does It Do For Anti-Aging?

QMS Medicosmetics Active Exfoliant 11%

The skin is supposed to regenerate every 28 days, ridding itself of dead skin cells, and introducing new ones. Unfortunately, as we age, the rate of how quickly and well the skin can do this begins to decline. As a result, we’re left will a dull and aged complexion. This is why exfoliation is important as exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells while encouraging the production of new skin cells.

With a gentle peeling effect, the QMS Medicosmetics Active Exfoliant helps to exfoliant the skin, encouraging cell turnover, and leaving one with an illuminated and smoother complexion.

What Can You Expect From The QMS Medicosmetics Active Exfoliant?

Our skin goes through a lot, especially in regards to environmental aging factors like sun damage and a poor diet. This is another reason as to why skin regeneration is so important as it does away with dead skin cells that have been affected by environmental factors.

Not only does it contain fruit acids and enzymes that help to remove dead skin cells, but the exfoliant also contains additional ingredients that help to support the barrier of the skin, which will then allow it to better protect itself from environmental aging factors.

What Makes It Special?

Exfoliants come in two forms – chemical and mechanical. Mechanical exfoliation uses motion to slough away dead skin cells, whereas chemical exfoliation uses chemicals instead. Some exfoliants even go further to provide anti-aging benefits.

The QMS Active Exfoliant is a chemical exfoliate as it relies on fruit acids and enzymes to remove dead skin cells. These fruit acids, such as citric acid and magic acid, not only help to dissolve the dead skin cells, but they also encourage the production of collagen and improve both the tone and texture of the skin. No wonder Renee Zellweger was glowing on the red carpet!

Additionally, the exfoliant also contains redcurrant seed oil, which is rich in vitamin C, and as a result, its antioxidant properties help to protect the skin cells from damage, particularly sun damage.

How Does It Work | The Science Behind It

Skin regeneration is important, and any hindrance to it can be detrimental for its health as well as your appearance. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the skin is free of dead skin cells.

As it is a chemical exfoliant that uses fruit acids and enzymes, the QMS active exfoliant can be used for individuals who find mechanical exfoliants too harsh for the skin. In fact, this particular exfoliant contains an anti-irritation complex which then reduces the risk of irritation all while helping to achieve that luminous and fresh effect.

How Do You Use It? 

This product can be used either in the morning or evening.

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After cleansing your face, apply an even layer of product to your skin including your lower eyelid, neck and décolleté. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, then remove with warm water. Follow it with your day cream or night cream of choice.

While some may use the exfoliant 3 times a week, it’s best to stick to twice a week. It should be noted that a tingling sensation and some redness may be experienced during the application. However, try not to panic as the exfoliant is formulated to self-neutralize after 15 minutes after application.

Our Verdict?

If you’re looking for a gentle exfoliate, that boasts anti-aging benefits, then look to the QMS Medicosmetics Active Exfoliant. With its collagen boosting and skin regenerating properties, it is definitely a great choice. That said, this product does contain parfum (fragrances) as an ingredient. Thus, this may be irritating to some.

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