Listen To Your Gut To Live Your Best Life

I’m a married man. For those of you keeping score, this is marriage number two. Had you asked me after the first time, Id have told you that number two would never work. Not because the first time was terrible; it really wasn’t.

It just didn’t work out. Could it have? Possibly. However, we decided to trust our gut and call it a day – this happened over a brunch at a well-known Cape Town café. We didn’t shout and scream; we simply made a decision, went for a walk, and then I got home and moved out. No, the reason I didn’t think I’d be married again had nothing to do with the fact that I was anti the idea of it; it was more that I’d chalked up my marriage up as my first real failure in life, and I didn’t want to give myself a chance to fail like that again.

Yet here I am.

So what was it that made me do it? Well, in truth, I just decided to trust my gut again. When I met Jasmine, this crazy, beautiful ball of fiery energy, I was completely taken off guard. She exploded into my life with a combination of sex, love, music…and baked goods. It was insane. I knew I didn’t want to settle down for the long term. I just kept telling myself I’d stick out for one more week.

I remember this one time I was heading off to New Orleans – I had decided that we should break up before I left. So, as we were heading up the airport approach road, I did just that. Strangely, when I arrived (minus clothes, as they had been stolen en route), there was a loving message from Jazz saying that she missed me and couldn’t wait to see me again. To this day she says that I must have done such a botch-up job trying to break up that she had no idea I was doing it. She just thought it was a kinda awkward, sweet goodbye.

From then on I decided to just trust my gut and go with the flow – failure be damned.

I’m now years into this and I couldn’t be happier. We still laugh every day. She’s still bloody crazy. IN fact, the only thing that’s really changed is the baked goods – although that was a sanction imposed by my waistline. I recently decided to make another big life change on the work front – I have no doubt I’ll tell you about it soon), but the decision, while different, came from the same place – my gut.

When we’re young, we trust our gut all the time, but as we get odler, we second-guess ourselves far too much. We trust our head. We trust logic. Well, logic be damned too. I’m sitting here a very happy man because I made these decisions the way I’d have made them when I was 22, and not 42 – and it’s been liberating. Try it. One way or another, it will change your life.

*Oh, and my ex trusted her gut and got married again too. He’s a great guy. All’s well…

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