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As a brand, we have long prided ourselves on not only the valuable health content of our magazine but also on the quality of the events we host. We work tirelessly to get access to ensure our speakers are those leading psychologists and general practitioners in the fields of health and wellness, whose job it is to share their insights into how we can tackle the challenges of modern life across the disciplines of the MIND, BODY, and SOUL.

At these events, we enjoy interacting with our guests and readers, and at our most recent workshop with our partner Solal, our physicians spoke at length about how to set yourself up to be the CEO of your own health across the above-mentioned disciplines. The topics discussed by our panelists included how to set up the best kind of health outlook in an age where cancer, AI and lifestyle-related diseases appear to be on the increase. In addition, the conflicting types of information out there on issues such as diets, supplements and lifestyle diseases, were also addressed, in order to help make sense of these topics. Furthermore, we tackled the role of your mind and emotions in managing better health outcomes, as well as the role resilience plays in overcoming health challenges. We also looked at how trauma and the stressors of day to day life are impacting not just our mental health, but also our physical health.

Finally, to turn the spotlight on the newest anti-aging procedures we now have access to, we focused on the latest techniques and advancements in dermatology and skin health in an increasingly stressful world, whilst covering the treatments and products most appropriate to enhancing your health.

Your health is your own responsibility

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Recently, leading health and life services company Discovery launched a bank – one based on behavioral science. It’s a world first and shows that there is a changing consciousness towards assisting people to live longer and better. Adrian Gore, one of the country’s most respected CEOs (recent winner of a Sunday Times Business Times Lifetime Achievement Award) said it is a fact that your health is directly related to financial wealth. “People who manage their health well, manage their money well.”

And while this is great, and indeed scientific advancement has brought cures to diseases that previously wiped out generations, on the whole today, we may be living longer, but many are not living healthier. We live in an age when cancer is rampant and afflicting people at a younger and younger age, despite the billions of dollars spent on trying to find preventions and treatments. Where Alzheimer’s is taking over communities with devastating effects.

The role of toxins in our food, water and air, also cannot be underestimated (air pollution in major European and Asian cities is causing work stoppages and is directly linked to poor health). In addition, recent research from Europe has found plastic in humans. So, it’s now proven we are ingesting plastic from the water we drink; it’s in our oceans and in our food.

What’s the good news?

Governments have started to address the toxicity issues around air and water pollution. Particularly in Europe, Australia and the UK, we are seeing very progressive companies to reduce air pollution, as well as plastic pollution. Leading news network Skye has launched a massive awareness campaign to “Turn the Tide on Plastic.” South Africa’s Lewis Pugh swims across the oceans and places his life at risk of raising awareness around dying sea life. There are toxins everywhere – in your cosmetics, hair shampoos, household paint and many household goods too. Toxins in sunscreen are killing off coral reefs, which in turn will endanger our future supply of food from the sea, let alone upset the balance of entire ocean ecosystems.

What can you do to take control of your own health and environment?

  • Buy healthy. Support companies that are not trashing your health for their profit only. Support independent farmers who are growing food that is not sprayed with pesticides, and retailers that are marketing clean products and services.
  • Ditch the plastic wherever you can. Use glass, paper and biodegradable products. Yes, we know it can be more expensive and perhaps not always as convenient, but the more everyone buys, the cheaper the price will become.
  • Share the trustworthy information you read with others. It can’t just be the privileged few who benefit from the information. Share this with whomever you can touch in your life, your work, your community. Get onto Facebook and talk about what is going on, and support those sites that care about you and the world you live in.
  • We need to care. When everyone starts to care more, there will be enough awareness and consciousness to ensure that humanity thrives for generations to come. It’s up to you now. Play your part.
  • Be conscious. Read the labels on the products you buy – all of them. Don’t buy products that have chemicals you don’t understand or preservatives you know are bad. If you don’t know it, look it up.

Here are our top three recommended websites. Visit them to learn more about the safety of your products:

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