Healthiest Cosmetic Surgery To Have Is A Smile

Healthiest change anybody could make, particularly with their body, is to change the way they think and feel. Keeping a smile on your face because you feel good, will not only fuel your mental and physical wellbeing. It will also fuel your self-esteem.

A naturopathic physician and functional medicine expert in nutrition, Dr. James Rouse, believes that food and fitness is medicine. Eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly is the key to living longer and healthier lives. But, what about loving yourself?

Experts like Dr. Rouse find heaps of research which say that self-esteem is just as essential to our wellness as typical healthy lifestyles.

Healthiest Bodies Stem From Within

One of the greatest challenges to health and wellness, and honestly, to all disease is something called systemic inflammation. However, we believe and as do many experts too, that the best way to boost your happiness, emotional positivity, and optimistic outlook on life is through self-care. It is one of the healthiest ways to reduce systemic inflammation in your body.

Try doing this and you’ll soon come back to life.healthiest [longevity live]

Dr. Rouse is highly passionate about the topic and even created his own brand called Healthy Skoop to provide convenient, healthy, nutritious foods that are plant-based, sustainable, ethical – and tasty. Plus, 3% of all sales provide grants that bring fresh produce to school lunchrooms. He’s all about living a life that helps you feel good.

We live in a world where people place too high an emphasis on materialistic wealth. People believe that obtaining the next best thing will make them feel better, look better and fit-in better. However, whilst material wealth is great and serves a purpose in our lives, it shouldn’t be the factor that determines our happiness and success. Whilst you’re thinking about your next iPhone, you’re forgetting about your next meal.

According to Dr. Rouse who speaks with Good News Network, to create true success, health, and wellness we need to establish habits which help us to feel good about ourselves. He says that we can do all kinds of things with our power, our success, and our influence. In addition, we have the power to all become game-changers within each other’s lives.

Transforming Each other’s Lives

healthiest [longevity live]In his interview, Dr. Rouse refers to a study done by the National Institue of Health. In this study, the experts looked at teenagers and their relationship with physicality, their self-esteem levels, and daily exercise. The study discovered that teenagers who do not exercise have a 5 times bigger chance to get involved with drugs, alcohol, truancy and other challenges that face a lot of high school kids.

Moreover, when teenagers exercise up to five times a week in sports activities or other exercise disciplines. Their entire experience during their teenage years is changed significantly. You know that ‘happy’ feeling you get after you walk out of the gym or a yoga practice? I bet you feel proud of yourself. There is definitely a level of peace and confidence felt after any form of exercise.

That is a physical feeling brought on by exercise, however, the long-term feeling is emotional. By participating in more physical activities, you begin to feel an increased level of self-assurance. Ultimately, what it boils down to is that your self-esteem knows everything about you. Does your self-esteem tell you that you haven’t been taking enough action lately? That could actually be the reason why you’re lacking in its presence lately.

If this is the case. You need to use the opportunity to show up and make time for self-care. Taking responsibility for your actions and following through with them makes your self-esteem blossom. As soon as you engage your body in more physical activity, your confidence levels will literally skyrocket.

Trusting Yourself Enough To Succeed

Most of the time, we struggle to make certain changes because we’re too afraid, uncomfortable and have very little trust in ourselves to take action. The most important step is to look deeper and begin to find the trust within ourselves to enjoy what it is we are doing in all aspects of our lives. Dr. Rouse believes that the simple addition of exercise can put you on a positive path which will serve every other important part of your life as well.healthiest [longevity live]

It seems people avoid change because it feels scary and out of their depths. But, what would you prefer? To live in a life consumed by mediocrity and a life filled with an abundance of success?

Dr. Rouse says that transitioning from a mediocre life requires you to mentally and physically step up your game towards success. He explains that there is only one rule, to begin with.

Rule Number 1

We have to give ourselves a hall pass. He says that our bodies, brains and entire beings physiologically were wired for comfort. Naturally, none of us want to be out of our comfort zones because of homeostasis. We want to be brought back to that place of balance. And we are truly wired for certain habits.

When we wake up in the morning, and do a certain thing, for many years. That thing becomes a certain part of our being because we’re now hardwired for that specific habit.

Therefore it requires a lot of compassion and a lot of courage to ask yourself if your current level of living is becoming mediocre. Or, questioning whether or not it’s really serving your highest, healthiest level of intention. Moreover, asking if it is really setting up the life that allows you to move forward in. Outside of mediocrity and into a realm where you’re crushing things that are really meaningful.

healthiest [longevity live]When this happens, it should go far beyond your ego and become more about self-service. Furthermore, as we age, we become more stuck in our ways and hardwired to live in a certain way and believe specific things. It becomes more difficult for us to rewire what’s already fixed. However, if you want to have a bigger life, with a bigger vision you are the only one who can give yourself the permission to have it.

Dr. Rouse explains that when you do this, you start to get yourself into a place of constant change. Interestingly, he says that simple changes in our diet can do this. You begin to take charge of what you eat at breakfast or snack on during your mid-morning work break. By taking control and keeping your blood sugar and dopamine levels neutral, you are giving yourself permission to live the healthiest life you can.

The Greatest Cause Of All Disease

If you had to look at yourself today and ask yourself how things would look in a couple of years time, what would it look like? By doing this, you are forcing yourself to create your own opportunity to become passionate about improving your habits and purpose. This is a very important stage because it is your chance to move beyond mediocrity.healthiest [longevity live]

Ironically, we are all happier when we stretch ourselves beyond what we’re comfortable with. So, why are we so terrified of change? Instead of doing the same things every day, that gets you nowhere, you’re focusing on creating new, positive habits that make you feel the healthiest.  Remember, a quick fix never solved anything. It comes down to what you do in the long-run.

Research has discovered that the leading cause of all ailments and disease is systemic inflammation. There are two proteins called, C-reactive protein and Interleukin-6. When there is an excess of these two proteins, they will literally drive inflammation, disease and the aging process at a rapid pace. These two molecules will make us get older faster and get sick on the way.

Dr. Rouse says that by simply raising our happiness and emotional positivity, as well as our optimistic outlook on life and self-care we are having the greatest impact on systemic inflammation.

healthiest [longevity live]

These personal choices help us to lower the two proteins. The benefit here is, you’ll always feel happy emotionally and spiritually. The best part about living with a smile on your face is the inflammation in your body starts to wain and your body starts to feel more alive. Now, that’s an amazing thing.

Therefore, the best kind of cosmetic surgery you could have done is a smile. Better yet, to smile from the happiness felt from within. And in doing so, you’re positively changing thousands of elements that make up the healthiest biochemistry within your body.

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