How hormones affect your choice in clothes

Have a good look in your wardrobe – what is it saying to you today? Putting a little effort into our attire could make more of a difference than we thought. According to a psychological study headed up by Professor Karen Pine, UK, a woman’s choice in clothing is heavily dependent upon her emotional state at the time. The study “Happiness, its not in Jeans,” shows your choice in clothing actually has a strong affect on your mood for the day. This research suggests that dressing for happiness could be a great daily mood lifter.


What do hormones have to do with your choice in clothes? Hormones affect our emotions – there is no doubt about it, ask any woman with PMS. The University of Texas conducted an interesting study on the effect of hormones on our fashion choice. Eighty-eight women were photographed daily throughout their menstrual cycle. The fascinating results showed that during peak ovulation, while having a delicious hormone surge, these women wore their sexiest outfits of the month.



Wearing a great outfit goes far beyond what other people think, it’s all about how it makes you feel. Even if we spend the whole day alone, working from home, the fact is, fabulous clothes make us feel fabulous.