Jennifer Cohen Has 5 Wellness Tips For Busy Executives

Throughout her career, best-selling author and TV personality Jennifer Cohen has been the face of Nike, the first fitness celebrity spokesperson for Weight Watchers and she has trained countless celebrities for film, TV, and music tours. As a result, she’s become well-versed in ensuring and advocating for wellness, so much so that she’s a sought-after performance coach and business consultant.

With the constant, daily rapid pace that executives, entrepreneurs and business-driven individuals go through, it can be hard to ensure both wellness and productivity. However, with her experience from sitting on the boards of many companies and venture funds across a variety of industries, Jennifer Cohen has her own tips for how these individuals can can boost productivity through wellness.

Jennifer Cohen | Longevity LIVE

  1. Stand at your desk

According to various studies, prolonged sitting at your desk can be just as bad as smoking. Sitting all day can increase the risk for memory problems, stroke, heart disease and even diabetes. In an effort to curb these, some companies have looked at implementing standing desks in the office.

Cohen suggests standing desks, or at least standing at your desk for 30 minutes, out of the day as this can help to lower risks of obesity, heart diseases, back pain and blood sugar levels.

  1. Take a break and squat

When it’s time to take a break from your desk, Cohen proposes getting in some gym time.

At the top of the hour take five minutes or so and do some desk or body squats. Squats build muscle in your entire body, improve your balance and even help you go to the bathroom easier” she says. In a typical 40 hour work week, you will likely burn an extra 100 calories burned by doing desk squats, and if that’s not enough the squats will allow you to refocus by jump starting your circulatory system.

  1. Use a resistance band

Not only is a resistance band a cost-effective workout, but it can also be adapted easily for multiple fitness levels, thus allowing you to exercise your entire body. Cohen recommends doing one set of bicep curls in the morning and one in the afternoon for 3 minutes.  This will not only burn an extra 100 calories per week, but the the extra muscle mass will help you burn even more.

  1. Walk to lunch

As opposed to ordering in your lunch through the latest food delivery app, why don’t you take a stroll for your meal?

According to Cohen, just twenty minutes of walking at 3mph can burn 100 calories. If that’s not enough, regular walking can reduce bad cholesterol as well as the risk for heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

  1. Hit the driving range after work

No, you don’t have to be Tiger Woods to pick up a golf club but studies have shown that hitting a few balls can improve mental health by reducing anxiety and stress. The stress reducing influence releases endorphins into the bloodstream, and this will serve to boost your happiness after a long day at the office. Also, Cohen states that a half hour on the golf course can burn off 130 calories and help your short game.

Thus, regardless of how busy your schedule is, Jennifer Cohen believes that your wellness can and should always come first.