Maintain Your Fitness Resolutions With Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels is a renowned personal trainer, well known for her no-nonsense approach to physical fitness. With constant new-year proclamations of eating better and living healthier, it can be quite disheartening when you realize that you’re falling behind in your 2019 wellness plans.

In regards to her presence on weight-loss shows such as The Biggest Loser, Michael’s motivational tips on how you can maintain your fitness resolution are more than welcome. Speaking to Well+Good, the fitness coach shared how one can stick to their fitness goals in 2019 all year long.

Read on for some of her top tips in sticking to your fitness resolutions.

Wear the right gear

While getting regular exercise is important, what you wear during workout hours is just as vital.

Regardless of the type of workout, you’re doing, your choice of clothing has to breathable and comfortable. It should also be durable, allow for a range of motion and be able to protect you from the environment. Purchasing workout gear that contains all the above traits will boost your performance, prevent you from overheating and reduce the risk of injury.

Always warm up

If you want to keep active during 2019, it’s important that you remain injury-free.

This can be done by ensuring that you always warm up before any sort of exercise as Jillian Michaels explains, “Warming up the body helps to focus your mind, oxygenate the blood, and prepare the muscles, joints, and tendons for exercise, all of which helps to prevent injury”.

Stay hydrated

The worst state you can possibly be in whilst exercising is dehydrated.

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Dehydration during workouts can leave you fatigued and possibly heat exhausted. Also, severe dehydration can also lead to kidney failure.  In staying hydrated, it is advisable to drink a cup of water every fifteen minutes during your workouts.

Find workouts you’ll enjoy

Exercising is effective but it is also a lot of work thus if you want to be consistent, Jillian Michaels advises that you engage in exercises that you actually enjoy.

If you hate things like weightlifting and HIIT training, you ultimately won’t do them consistently” explains Michaels.

Fun forms of exercising include dance classes, hula hooping, boxing classes and even pole dancing.

Mix it up

Monotonous and tedious exercises are big contributors to individuals quitting their fitness journeys.

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Aside from the loss of motivation, stagnant exercises can also increase your risk of injury.  

No matter what your fitness goal, it’s important to train with variety in order to avoid injury” explains Michaels, “Exercise is stress, and when you do the same type of workout repetitively, it can lead to injury—hence the term ‘repetitive stress.’”

Be it every three days or every other week, it is important that you switch up your exercise routine. This can be done by increasing your number of reps, the duration as well as changing the resistance and varying your equipment.

Pump some iron

Incorporating weights into your 2019 fitness journey will come with a range of benefits.

For one, the strength training that comes from lifting weight is an effective way to burn both fat and calories in a short period of time. It also boosts your metabolism, tones the body and lowers the risk of muscle loss.

Roll with a foam roller

One aspect of a fitness lifestyle that is often taken for granted is recovery.

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A foam roller is an exercise log used for myofascial release- a deep tissue massage. The foam roller is used post-workout to help relieve tension in sore muscles. This not only reduces the risk of injury but foam rollers also improve flexibility and mobility. For more on foam rollers, click here.

Take rest days

As enthusiastic as we can get during our fitness journey, it is important to take rest days. If your body is stiff and you’re constantly dealing with sore muscles (as well as a change of color in your urine) it may be time to take a step back.

Overtraining won’t only leave you exhausted but it can also affect your sleep pattern whilst increasing your blood pressure and the risk of depression.

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“Regardless of the goal, you should train no more than 6 hours a week and do no less than 4, 20-minute workouts.” says Michaels,  “Make sure to take an absolute minimum of 1 training day off per week (ideally 2 days, but no more than 3 days). This allows your body the time it needs to “heal” from the workouts and grow stronger and more fit”.

Nutrition is always key

No matter how many hours you’re spending at the gym, you are unlikely to see positive results if you do not clean up your diet. Your eating plans should always compliment your fitness goals.


Sleep allows your body time to recuperate and rejuvenate itself. With how stressful workouts can be on the body workouts, enough quality sleep is very important. Jillian Michaels suggests a minimum of 7 hours and a maximum of 9 for optimal results.

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