Join us For A Livestream Event with Dr.Ela Manga: Beat Stress With Breath

Longevity has teamed up with an integrative medical specialist, author, speaker and healer to host a livestream event, Beat Stress With Breath.  Dr.Ela Manga will share her insights and help provide essential breathing techniques and wellness insights for stress relief and better long term health.

Who is Dr.Ela Manga?

 Dr.Ela Manga has established a reputation not just for treating symptoms but diving deeper to uncover the root causes of illness and to work together with you to create a new mind-body system in the context of the big picture of your life. She believes balance and energy are restored through lifestyle changes, natural medicines, healing therapies, mindfulness and importantly breath work – all working to activate the body’s ability to heal itself. Dr. Manga is also the author of Breathe: Strategising Energy in the Age of Burnout. She consults not only with individuals, but also  with companies committed to better wellness therapies.

Dr Manga has trained with Dan Brulé, a world-renowned pioneer in the field of breath work.

breath meditation and mindfulness | Longevity LIVEHow breath can beat stress

He says: “At age 30 our lung capacity begins to decrease.  By age 50 it can be up to half of what it was when we were younger. This has a negative effect on the body, as it means less oxygen is getting to our cells, and we experience shortness of breath, a decrease in endurance, and become more susceptible to illness associated with the lungs.”

Brulé,  adds “The famous Framingham study, which followed over 5 000 people over three decades, found that lung volume is the greatest predictor for health and longevity. This isn’t surprising, as a decreased lung capacity has many negative impacts on our health.”

A decreased lung capacity can:

  • Impair your metabolic function due to the lack of oxygen;
  • Increase the risk of having a heart attack or stroke;
  • Result in  poor energy and general fatigue;
  • Produce a decline in concentration and memory and lead to increased inflammation.

You can learn to see breathing as a behavior that either serves you or doesn’t serve you. You can also begin to choose to breathe in a way that serves. With practice this will become a habit or a natural reflex. So whenever you start to feel anxious, your practiced breathing pattern will kick in and you will change state. You can beat stress with breath!

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When: Apr 9, 2020 04:00 PM Johannesburg, South Africa

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