Julia Roberts Iconic Body Is In The Best Shape Of Her Life At 50

Julia Roberts iconic body is goals! She is one of those Hollywood stars whose iconic reputation never seems to fade, no matter how many years pass by – 50 to be exact. She still shines bright with her million dollar smile, effortless locks, and gorgeous figure. In fact, Roberts believes that she’s in better shape now than ever before. It’s no surprise that her presence turns a lot of heads.

The media has gone crazy over Roberts good looks after seeing her step out onto the red carpet. She made aging gracefully seem easy in her elegant black gown. Julia Roberts’ iconic looks continue to amaze the world and her ability to defy age with her incredible physique. This may be due to her all-natural approach to living a healthy lifestyle.

And as the years have gone by, Roberts has revealed some of her tips and tricks. Luckily for you, these tips are not unattainable. In fact, they’re pretty basic. She is very diligent about maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a balance of both fitness and eating well. However, those are not the only factors you need to consider when trying to lead your best life.

Julia Roberts Iconic Secret To Youth

So how does she do it? Roberts doesn’t obsess over it or put pressure on herself. Instead, she tries to live the best, most fulfilled life she can. The award-winning actress is famous for following a healthy, well-balanced diet without strict rules.

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Julia Roberts tells People that she enjoys a good cookie and unlike most of her keto-loving peers, she is a huge fan of pasta. In fact, she even asked, ‘why is everybody scared of pasta?’ I couldn’t agree more with her! It’s not like pasta has ever done anything to you! Therefore, why would you cut it out?

In fact, Roberts has decided not to follow a low-carb diet at all – even when she’s trying to lose weight for a movie role. For example, she recently had to lose a lot of weight for a big role. Most people would freak out, but Julia didn’t because she still got to eat what she enjoys most. What was her solution? Enlisting the help of a nutritionist! Carrie Wiatt, her nutritionist designed a plan for Roberts that incorporates carbs into your eating plan. This way the actress could lose weight, but still, eat her mashed potatoes and bread. The point is, that whatever your goals may be, there’s always a way to work around them so that you’re happy and satisfied.

Her Home Environment Is Very Important

You may have not guessed this one, but your home environment is vital to many things that happen with you mentally, physically and emotionally. If you are surrounded by negative energy, your body and mind will absorb that. This will then be reflected on your physical appearance.

Julia Roberts makes sure that she, her husband and her kids try to be mindful at most times. Particularly with what they eat. She says that she tells her kids that they have to eat the good stuff to get the good stuff. I think that’s a pretty great philosophy we can work with.

Of course, the well-known term moderation had to come up. But this is the key to wellness and Julia Roberts iconic secret to maintaining her youthful and happy aura. She shares that a strict diet would drive her mad and she would just go crazy. Therefore, she thinks it’s best to remain calm, drink your water, get your sleep and be joyful. Isn’t that what living your best life is about?

Having said that, it’s vital to relax. With age comes the ability to understand that you need to start slowing down and be okay with that. Julia Roberts is a mom of three children and still manages to keep calm about aging. She takes everything in her stride. After all, it’s a process that you don’t really have control over. You can help to make it more pleasant though.

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She says she’s trying to have some peace with the aging process. Roberts realizes that it’s going to happen whether she likes it or not.

Here Is What She Does

There are a few things Julia Roberts does to stay in shape.

1. She Is Not Afraid Of Carbs

Let’s face it. Most of us fear carbs so much. There’s a misconception that they’re the reason for weight gain. However, Julia Roberts iconic favorite food involves carbs. Not to say that she eats pizza every day or piles of pasta. However, it clearly shows that you can splurge once a week and still look amazing. So long as you eat well every other single day.

2. She Uses Dumbbells

One of the best ways to get rid of belly fat is to increase your muscle mass. And the only way to properly do this is to incorporate regular resistance training exercises into your fitness routine, particularly with weights. Julia Roberts iconic fitness routine is pretty solid and consists of lunges, oblique bends, and squats. Obviously, there are others, but these are all done with dumbbells, completing a total of three sets of each.Julia Roberts iconic [longevity live]

3. Roberts Does Pilates And Yoga

You’re probably very familiar with the health benefits of that yoga has on the mind, body, and soul. However, Pilates is known as the powerhouse and is an effective exercise worth your time too, Especially if you’d like to follow Roberts routine! Her routine interchanges between moves like double leg lift’s, scissor kicks, and bent leg lifts.

4. She Keeps Active

Besides Pilates and Yoga, the actress keeps herself fit with step aerobics, running, swimming and a core focused class called ‘Body Work.’ Apparently, Julia Roberts’ fitness schedule involves 20-40 minutes of step aerobics followed by 40 minutes of Body Work! Step aerobics allows her to workout while still being able to watch her kids as they ran around the house during their younger years. She is a super mom!

‘Bodywork’ is a workout that focuses entirely on core-engaging exercises that get rid of bloating. Julia Roberts iconic routine includes 40 minutes of circuits including push-ups, planks (60 seconds each), body squats, lunges, and ab crunches. Clearly, that is why she is so toned! Lastly, when she’s not doing those exercises, she’s swimming or running. Swimming is a great way to resistance train, build up endurance and stamina. It also keeps that love handles at bay! Going for a run can burn anywhere from 75 to 100 calories – making it an ideal way to shed some weight.

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Julia Always Has A Smile

No jokes, smiling is the secret to looking and feeling great! Smiling often not only helps to reduce stress by releasing endorphins, but it also works your facial muscles. This increases blood circulation and prevents you from looking worn out. So, you should start smiling more immediately! That’s why we never see Roberts without her gorgeous smile.

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