Kate Hudson Says Feeling Good Is What Looks Best

Kate Hudson, Hollywood actress, has an incredible figure. We all envy her body. But, how does she do it? Interestingly, the actress herself is no gym bunny or fitness fanatic. Instead, she tries to keep a happier, healthier, ‘zen’ approach to keeping her shape.

Kate says that she never pressures herself to do things other people are doing. And it is incredibly important that we all see health, fitness, and diet as something that must work for us. Every person is different. Broccoli is brilliant for your health. However, if the vegetable makes your stomach feel bloated, then don’t eat it!

Lastly, she never beats herself up over missing a few exercise sessions. You’re allowed to slip up. Tomorrow is a new day.Kate Hudson [longevity live]

Kate Hudson Does What Feels Good

The actress is aged 39, and her body is in impeccable shape. She is also highly successful and has even launched her own athleisure brand called, Fabletics.

According to Vogue, the actress believes that you have to

Kate Hudson [longevity live]connect to yourself. She says that you need to ask yourself. ‘What do I like? ‘What’s my favorite food to eat?’ ‘And, what do I not like to eat?’ ‘What makes me feel good?’

Our biggest problem is that most of us all want a specific formula. You might want to know the best way to shed fat fast and fit back into those jeans. But, unfortunately, our bodies do not work on demand. They take time and require patience.

A popular request is how to look younger. Or, where can I find the fountain of youth? Or the secret to looking more fashionable and stylish. Kate Hudson tells the Cosmopolitan UK. that she’s sorry to disappoint you, but there really is no perfect formula. It’s up to you and what works best for your body.

What Works For Kate Hudson?

The Hollywood star swears by one thing when it comes to staying toned, trim and feeling good.


She says that she sticks to Pilates for most of the time. Kate tells Vogue that Pilates is highly expansive and you can Kate Hudson [longevity live]do it in so many different ways. She recommends it for anybody who wants to get into shape. Mainly because she loves how it strengthens and elongates the body. It’s more focused on how you feel internally than externally.

And when it comes to cardio she likes to mix it up, but absolutely loves doing dance-cardio. She says that this exercise is like a dance aerobic session using no weights. It uses just your body weight. Kate loves it because she enjoys dancing and says it’s fun, it’s movement, and it’s good music. Lastly, you can connect to your body differently when you’re doing dance aerobics. You have to think about coordination whilst exercising.

Kate Judson says, “it sort of makes your brain work at the same time which is really, really important.” She might not be a professional fitness coach, but she knows what works best for herself.

She says she will strength train every now and then. However, if she does this she usually only attends a circuit based class once a week. But, in general, lifting weights becomes a bit boring for her.

Kate says that she tries her best to work out three times a week. However, it’s not set in stone and acts as more of a goal. She doesn’t plague her body and mind with feelings of guilt if she does miss a session.

Balance Feels And Looks The Best

All in all, Kate Hudson believes that it’s ultimately down to balance. She says that there are ways to live a healthy life Kate Hudson [longevity live]and be involved in the world of wellness. However, these ways come without choosing a very strict and over the top approach.

Moreover, there are ways to do the best you can, and for that to be good enough. She explains that that’s really her passion behind creating her athleisure company, Fabletics. Her intention is to try and take the pressure off women rather than continuing to lay it on.

We are all aware by now that wellness has become a fad within itself. The entire world is intrigued by it. However, the key is not to let everything you read on social media affect your mindset and self-love.

The Wellness Takeover

Kate feels like there are major pros and cons to it. She says she feels like it’s really good to understand things and to be knowledgeable about what’s good for you, rather than following the next trend. Of course, there is a lot of fantastic content out there, but be sure to use it as a tool to discover what works best for you.

If you don’t do this, you’ll succumb to the downside of the wellness craze. A trend is a trend with another trend. It’s Kate Hudson [longevity live]pretty confusing for most people and sometimes you just feel like telling the trend to stop pressuring you to cleanse.

The temptation to fall into the trap of living up to something is strong. Don’t do it! Rather, do the best you can, with what you can and embrace what feels good for you. That way you’ll always look and feel amazing!

Last note from Kate Hudson. If you’re feeling a little unhealthy lately and want to slim down, then stick to a healthy food routine that you know and are comfortable with. Listen to what your body needs, rather than following what other people are doing.

Kate is all about trial and error when it comes to sticking to a healthy eating plan. This is the only way she manages to determine exactly what works for her when she wants to cleanse her body and clean out her gut.

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