Lehasa Moloi shares his grooming secrets

Gorgeous local celebrity, actor, producer and writer Lehasa Moloi shares his grooming secrets with us.

Actor, producer, writer – Lehasa Moloi

Do you have a beauty coach?

Beauty coach? What is that?

Any beauty product(s) you cant live without?

I can’t live without my exfoliator. It just makes me feel super fresh, with all the makeup and stuff that is used on my face for shoots, its also helps manage break outs.

What is your signature scent?

My signature scent is a combination of cocoa butter and Thierry Muegler A-Men, sweet and fun like me.

The one thing you would never do in the name of beauty?

I would never go for any plastic surgery. I don’t believe in it for myself, but no love lost for those who want to or have had work done.

What’s in your winter survival grooming kit?

I must use sunscreen as I am prone to pigmentation. People often overlook protection from the sun just because its cold, not me. My lip balm is always near, as the cold can really have its way with my lips sometimes and a hat – I know, I know, not a skin care product, but its always there because my hair and winter are not friends.

What is more important to you, your skin or your hair, why?

Skin is more important to me as its my “money maker”. My hair changes from role to role, but my skin always has to be top notch or I’m in big trouble, as the camera doesn’t lie (especially in HD).

What is your skincare tip?

My skincare tip is to eat well and drink lots of water. It sounds like a cliche, but it is one for a reason. A healthy system makes for healthy skin and also gives you the energy to exercise which I also hear has skin benefits 😉