Letting Go Of Useless Baggage Is Key To Living Happily

Letting go of your past emotional experiences is not an easy task to do. However, there are various ways you can try to get one step closer to emotional freedom. Multiple studies say that our family roots and emotional experiences determine how we think, feel, speak and interact with the world. Your mental health is significantly dependent on your level of emotional strength and clarity. Holding onto these feelings can hold you back in more ways than one.

The first place that we tend to notice our emotional baggage is with our relationships. The issues we may have forgotten about or ignore have a way of creeping up. Whether or not these feelings happen during conflict or day to day interactions. As we get older and fall deeper into our relationships, ghosts from the past reappear.

Just so you know, this is normal. All of us have a past with different emotional memories. And when we enter into relationships, these experiences can affect the dynamics. That’s why the process of letting go is very important to the quality of your lifestyle. In addition some of these experiences may make us better partners and some might not.

But, if you can learn which experiences to keep and which ones to let go of. Then you will be able to free yourself. This is the most liberating feeling you can get. It’s just like learning how to travel light and still keep everything first class.

Letting Go With 10 Simple Tips

The following tips might not be the magic secret to letting go of all your life’s problems. However, I do think that they can guide you in a better, healthier direction. It’s also good knowing you’re not alone and that there are certain things you can try to help you move on with life and become a happier, emotionally-invested partner, parent friend or lover.letting go [longevity live]

Learn To Live With What You Need

There will always come a time when you will encounter different forms of conflict. Sometimes, you might feel or know that you are not necessarily in the wrong. But, you care for the other party more than being right. With any relationship, no matter the situation whether it’s with your children, your partner or a friend, psychologists say that healthy behaviors, and the ability to admit when you are wrong are some of the things that successful couples say are a must for a successful relationship.

Hold Onto Beneficial Baggage

This might sound a bit odd. However, there are some really beneficial character traits and emotions you may have developed by successfully getting through those tricky past experiences. These are the ones that might make you a strong, caring, kind, generous or happy-go-lucky kind of person, if you know what I mean?

Many times these are what make you the amazing person you are and therefore the incredible partner you are too.

Therefore, you only want to bring the things from your past that will make your present and future better. If there is someone or something that makes your current partner uncomfortable, choose to leave it behind.

Don’t Go Looking For Old Baggage

There is a lot of responsibility and commitment involved in being in a relationship. In fact, your relationship is one of your most important responsibilities. Or, at least it should be. It is nobody else’s, so do not pass it over to anyone who might damage it.

If you need help rather seek it from a qualified and licensed professional.

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See The New Beauties

You never want hold onto negative emotions stored away from the past. These are often bottled up inside because of experiences you may have with your family relatives, exes of friends. This is where letting go becomes crucial to your health, mind, body and soul.

So do not allow the pain of the past get to you. This is what can make it really hard to embrace the present. Let go of whatever it was that your ex hated or your parents did to you. Rather than holding onto their burdens, learn to see things through the eyes of the one you now love.

Do Not Forget To Reset

Sometimes the journey through life can lead us to grey areas. These are times when you may find that you’ve lost yourself a little bit and it’s time to reset. Be okay with this process because letting go will happen naturally once you’ve looked back at things and re-centered your priorities.

The most important thing in a relationship is communication. If you’re not talking about the deeper issues or even some of the smaller ones re-check your priorities and start the conversation.

Be Patient And Trust The Process

Things seldom go as we would like. Normal tasks and everyday problems can take on gargantuan proportions if you keep thinking that life needs to go the way you planned. Relationships are full of unexpected events so learn to enjoy the journey.

Always Dedicate Time For Your Partner

Let’s face it. Life’s responsibilities can get really intense. So much so that we get entirely caught up in it and forget to pay attention to our loved ones. It’s normal for things to slide slightly, however you should never let it go entirely.

Sometimes work and the tasks of daily living can be so overwhelming that we may forget to talk to the one we love during the day. When you dedicate time to your loved one, don’t see it as a way to keep tabs on them or another task, Instead, you should allow this to be a special time for bonding and connection.

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Live In The Moment

There are some amazing benefits to having a soul mate or life-partner. You are able to travel and experience new places, people and things together. Travelling through life with the one you love is a lot nicer than if you were to do it alone.

But, it will be a whole lot better if you can enjoy the beauty in your life that your partner provides. Life is short, do whatever you can to enjoy the trip.

Prepare For Unexpected Emergencies

You can plan as much as you like. But, no matter the amount you do life always throws curveballs of surprise our way. There are going to be difficult situations along your journey. But, if you are aware of what to do when things go south, then you and your partner will be able to remain comfortable and secure.

Carry Something From Home

There really is no place like home – that saying remains true. That’s why no matter where you end up, it’s vital to keep a photo or sentimental possession with you. It keeps the memories of those you love close to your heart. These things serve to keep us in touch with what is most important.

Letting go of tiresome, heart-aching baggage will ensure a freer, happier and more enjoyable journey. Going on adventures is what keeps us alive inside. But what’s the point if you’re tied down by a heavy-weighted suitcase of useless baggage? When you sit down to reflect on your life you’ll find that a great relationship is the best trip you’ve ever taken.

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