Life Is Meant For Living, So Why Not Make Your Retirement Happy?

Life is limitless and never stops evolving. You either have to move with it or you will get left behind. Retirement is not a subject that most of us want to think too much about. However, if it’s done right this can be the best part of your life.

Today the process of retiring has changed significantly. It is entirely different to the lives of the parents of any sixty-something today.  The biggest problem is the level of uncertainty elderly people have about their future life. This is mainly because there are far more choices to make about when and how to retire.

The second issue is trying to decide whether or not to retire at all. Work is a huge part of retirement. Our generation is stuck in a time where retiring is seen in two different extremes. It’s either seen as living the dream in a beautiful cottage or scraping to survive what’s left of your life until you die.

It’s no surprise that most of us want to avoid retirement. However, no matter how old you are – you need to think about it. I think that’s pretty sad because this should be the best time of your life. Therefore, you need to plan, prepare and get rid of stupid myths.

Life Never Stops Moving Forward

Some people leave their retirement to the very last minute. Don’t do this because you’d just be shooting yourself in the foot. Here are a few ways you can make retirement a whole lot more enjoyable,

Stop Thinking About Your Age

The thing that annoys me about the topic is the associations we have towards it. Everybody is quick to think of miserable retirement villages and frail care centers. None of these thoughts are going to help you. What you need to do instead is think about how you’re going to change your life, not how you are ageing. Research  sees retirement as a time to harvest previous life experiences and [longevity live]

Do not let the process of aging distract you from what’s actually important. There are too many stereotypes being thrown around suggesting that aging people are less capable. For example, getting a job in your 50’s… That kind of attitude can seriously wear out your self-esteem.

You need to be able to face the facts. You’re getting older and that’s great and perfectly normal. Don’t let retirement surprise you. Nowadays many people have more energy and vitality and live much longer than their parents generation. The key is to think more about how on how significantly your life changed between 25 and 60 and how much it will change again from 60.

Stop Obsessing Over Money

There is a lot more to giving up work than just money. It’s both a psychological and an emotional matter. You have to be able to deal with the fear of losing your identity, finding a new purpose and building new social networks.

Of course money and retirement go hand in hand and you can’t feel satisfied without being able to afford the basics. However, just like life, it is all part of the process. That is why when you are young you need to set yourself up and build who you are within your career to create your own destiny, i.e. your retirement. Having said that, your focus should not be purely on the money you make. It should rather be on how you can make yourself more successful.

It’s better to enjoy the ride rather than fixating on the money you have.

Decide What You Want

Retiring must be seen as a fresh start full of new opportunities. We place too much emphasis on the importance of success and career status. Everything is work, work, work. That doesn’t make the matter any easier, especially since we’re now encouraged to work into our late 60’s and [longevity live]

The weird thing is that when people have quit work or retired, they have actually done so much more and tried things they had never thought of doing at their jobs. This free time gives you the opportunity to pursue lost passions or things you were forced to give up due to work. It allows you to truly be yourself, without worrying.

And you do not need to be busy all the time. You have the power to do what matters and then relax when you need to. Your body will tell you how it feels and you have the ability to be true to it.

Be Proactive

Statistics show that your health and wellness skyrockets whilst your anxiety and depression levels plummet when you retire.  We work ourselves too hard, we often forget to pay attention to our health and do not do what’s better for us.

Your fear of quitting the working world should not stop you. A good tip is to keep your mind curious and your attitude excited. Be excited to attempt new things and that way you’ll remain stimulated and less likely to feel depressed.

You must be proactive! Being retired does not necessarily mean you must be passive. It’s actually quite the opposite, but without anybody forcing you to do something, It’s entirely up to you. This won’t be a problem for those who are curious and outgoing, both physically and mentally. But, it’s not going to happen to those who sit around all day.

Even devoted couples panic, whether they retire together or one after the other. And it still seems to be women who worry most about how they’ll cope when their partner is at home all day. The dramatic change of routine, and in the couple’s individual and joint identities, are bound to have a massive impact. But it may well be a positive development – in the long term, at least.

Embrace Your Relationship

If you’re married or in a committed relationship, then retiring might improve your relationship.

life [longevity live]

Many studies show this. Of course, when you’re with somebody at all times you are bound to get annoyed with one another. However,
if you manage it correctly you can be very productive together. Retirement initiates big changes that many long-term relationships need. It forces couples to pull out their differences and talk about their expectations. Plus, it keeps the relationship developing, moving forward and alive.

You can use this time to reconnect with your partner and spend some good quality time bonding with them. It is an opportunity to remind yourself of all the reasons you fell in love with them. Retiring will strengthen your relationship because it allows time and emotional space. You both become the priority and can finally enjoy life together again.

The biggest misconception about retirement is that it is just a dead end. Life, as I said before, is limitless and infinite. It carries on evolving and you never know what will come of it. Every new interest can expand your horizons in unexpected ways.

Being bored from time to time is normal and you should be okay with that feeling. This is because it actually sparks another desire to go on a new adventure. It won’t be long until something fresh comes into your life. You deserve to live your best life when you retire.

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