Here’s Why The Liforme Yoga Mat Is On My Christmas Wish List

Do you want to prioritize your fitness in the coming year? if yes,  then it’s important to get all the right tools for a more active lifestyle. Now while you can get away with purchasing the proper running shoes, you’ll be happy to know that other tools can also help to boost your fitness routine. That said, the must-have exercise tool that we should all invest in is definitely a yoga mat.

A yoga mat helps to prevent slipping and maintain your stability during a class. However, as yoga mats are so thin, they can be used for other low-impact exercises. These include Pilates, planks, mountain climbers, push-ups, and even barre classes. That said, a yoga mat would look great under the Christmas tree. Therefore, if you need a good yoga mat, then be sure to pick the Liforme Yoga Mat.

What is it?

Yoga Mat | Longevity LIVE
Liforme Grey Gratitude Yoga Mat CREDIT: LIFORME

The Liforme Yoga Mats are environmentally-friendly yoga mats courtesy of the Liforme brand. Liforme founder James Armitage’s journey with yoga began years ago when he attended an Iyengar class with his mother, following a doctor’s recommendation that the class would help to treat his back problems. Following this class, his love for yoga continued to grow.

Armitage soon became more accustomed to regular Asana practice – which is the physical practice of yoga poses. That said, James soon realized that having markers on the mat would help yogis to better position themselves. And before long, the Liforme yoga mats were born.

Throughout the 5-year-long research and development process, Armitage ensured that his new mats would include, amongst other vital features, the AlignForMe system, a carefully and intelligently designed system. The mat features alignment lines that have been lasered into the mat, and this helps to guide and align yoga practitioners.

Furthermore, throughout his research, Armitage also realized how environmentally taxing the production of conventional yoga mats can be.  Most yoga mats are made of PVC, which some view as one of the most toxic plastics out there. According to research published in the E-Health and Bioengineering Conference (EHB), PVC  can be quite detrimental to environmental health as it creates large levels of toxic pollution. As a result, Armitage ensured that the Liforme mats were all made from natural materials. That said, around 90% of the mats are made from natural, sustainably-sourced rubber, with the top surface being a specially-engineered form of polyurethane. Furthermore, the mats are completely biodegradable within approximately one to five years in normal landfill conditions.

Why is The Liforme Yoga Mat On My Christmas Wish List?

yoga mat | Longevity LIVE
Liforme Purple Yoga Mat

With the world taking a more health-orientated approach to their lifestyles, it’s important to make conscious investments. In fact, Liforme mats are quite effective as yoga mats.

For one, a good grip is essential when it comes to yoga mats. This is because it allows for yogis to feel more secure as they go deeper into complex poses. That said, Liforme’s mats have quite a strong grip. Additionally, as yoga classes such as Bikram can cause excess sweating, you’ll be happy to know that a yoga mat from Liforme can stop and prevent any slipperiness that is often associated with other mats.

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll be happy to know that upon purchasing, Liforme donates 5% of each purchase to one of their 3 charity partners: Friends of the Earth, Yoga Gives Back and RSPCA, depending on your choosing.

Here’s to happy yogi holidays!


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