Listen To Dr Riaz Motara At WCHA 2015

This year’s World Congress on Healthy Aging (WCHA 2015) is being held right here on South African soil, in Sandton,  next month.

According to Time magazine: “we live in extraordinary times. And thanks to medical and scientific advances that even a generation ago would have sounded like science fiction, our lives are getting longer.”

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to listen to the world’s leading aging experts during a series of consumer workshops.

An event not to be missed, with the advantage of paying only for the talks that you wish to attend, this year’s congress promises to be a hard act to follow.

Below we profile one of the health experts, DR RIAZ MOTARA, who will be a panelist on The Path to Positive Ageing – the key health determinants of successful ageing and longevity – World Café

Dr Motara will be joined by other recognised experts in a group panel discussion on how to age more positively. This is a panel discussion where experts will share the key determinants that help people age better and live the longest and what age disruptors we can expect to see over the coming decade.  “Everyone wants to live longer, and science is starting to make that happen. But living better will be the real challenge—and opportunity” – Time magazine February 2015


Dr Riaz Motara

Dr Riaz Motara

He holds the following qualifications:
1993 Bachelor of Medicine (MB ChB), Wits
1999 Fellow of the College of Medicine (SA) – Internal Medicine
2001 Fellow of the College of Medicine (SA) – Cardiology

Professional bodies
He is affiliated to the following professional bodies:
Health Professional Council of South Africa
College of Medicine of South Africa
South African Heart Society

He received the Jock Gear Award for best Registrar in Internal Medicine in 1998.
In 2003 he started a Private Practice as Physician / Cardiologist at Milpark Hospital.

In 2010, he co-founded Holgoun Healthcare, a pharmaceutical and medical device company based in Pretoria. Holgoun Healthcare, markets surgical sutures under the brand Lotus Sutures on tender to the South African government. He also designed 15 unique nutraceutical formulations for the company under the brand Best 4. Nine of these products have been launched and are currently available in most pharmacies including Dischem. These products have also been registered in the European Union and will be distributed in Austria, France and Germany.

In 2012 he started The Heart Wellness Centre, the first integrative and preventative heart clinic in South Africa. The Centre utilises a functional medicine approach to all cardiac related illnesses.

In 2013, the Centre launched the first Women’s Heart Clinic in Southern Africa. The Women’s Heart Clinic was featured on 702 Radio, e-TV, SABC news, Longevity Magazine, Rooi Rose magazine and CNBC Africa.

In 2013, the Centre also launched Veinsculpt, the first comprehensive varicose vein clinic in South Africa. He completed a course on endovenous laser therapy at the Joyce Vein Institute based in Florida, USA. At present, he is the only cardiologist in Southern Africa trained to perform the procedure.

The first private Hypertension Institute in Southern Africa will be launched later this year. This will be the first such clinic to provide a comprehensive approach to the illness. This will be done in collaboration with Mediclinic, Novartis and Medispace Wellness.

In his private time, he likes reading, rugby, boating, travelling and history.


We interviewed Dr Riaz Motara on how he lives his brand:

I chose to work in the health industry because as a doctor you meet new people every day and positively impact change in their lives. This is a privilege.

My greatest health asset is my ability to view health holistically. I treat my patients in this way. I have been able to move past a “signs/symptoms” complex.

The piece of life changing health advice that I can give others is that balance is everything. Anything in excess will affect us negatively.

My greatest achievement so far has been meeting my wife, marrying her and having our children.

The health lesson that I have learned which personally changed my life is that a glass of green juice daily makes an enormous difference to your health. I also advocate moderate exercise and living life to its fullest.

If I could change one thing about myself it would be my lack of patience.

I wouldn’t like to die in a hospital. You cannot take love; you can only give love, so that it may be re-given to you through a process of rhythmic balanced interchange.

My motto is: You cannot take love, you can only give love, so that it may be re-given to you through a process of rhythmic balanced interchange.

Join Dr Motara on Saturday 1st August at this prestigious event:

Topic: The Path to Positive Ageing – the key health determinants of successful ageing and longevity – World Café. (09:00-11:00)

Dr Riaz Motara joins wellness experts:

Prof Bradley Willcox – A gerontologist, author and medical specialist based in the USA – Diet and Longevity. A review of the key lifestyle determinants, diet and exercise and what science teaches us about Ageing

Dr Suresh Rattan DM – A biogerontologist based in Denmark on how biomolecular activity is changing the way we age.

Dr Darrin Disely – Genes and personalised medicine

Facilitator: Gisele Wertheim-Aymes – CEO Longevity

Longevity expert

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