Listen To Your Inner Critic And Come Out On Top

If you take the time and care to listen to your inner critic, we will be able to fulfill  our goals. However, if we are not clear on our true intentions, and we do not fully know ourselves, we can become unclear about what is truly most important. This creates unrealistic fantasies instead of truly balanced and integral goals.

The degree of our inner critic matches the degree of our incongruence with our truest  intentions

Whenever we set goals or expectations that are unrealistic, not objectively balanced and not congruent with what is truly most important in our lives, we are automatically designed to self-depreciate. This is in order to readjust our distorted intentions and expectations to be more realistically balanced, authentic and integral to who we truly are. The degree of our inner critic matches the degree of our incongruence with our truest and innermost intentions.

We have fluctuating inner critics according to this congruency. If we are in any way addicted to pride and any over inflated state of mind, our own thermostat within will automatically dampen this pride down with some form of self-depreciation to neutralise our inflated selves back into our authentic selves. No fantasy about ourselves will ever be as empowering and magnificent as our true selves. It is essential to set truly congruent and authentic goals and expectations.

How to handle criticism

inner critic

Constructive or harmful criticisms are ultimately inseparable and indistinguishable. It is not the form of criticism that matters, it is how we interpret the criticism. If we probe deeper and ask how these forms of criticism are serving us, and how we can use them to accomplish what is most meaningful and important to our lives, we can take any form of criticism and turn it into fuel.

We are not here to become victims of our histories. We are here to be masters of our destinies.

We have control over how we perceive criticism and how we decide to do it. It is not the outer world that has to determine our destiny. We have the ability to take any form of criticism and find meaning and value from it. Sometimes criticism may be essential to ground us, to teach us how to communicate more effectively. How to sell our ideas more effectively, how to care and respect another’s values and even how to break our addiction to praise, which can keep us playing small.

Understanding the inner critic

It is wise to set realistic but inspiring goals that are balanced and aligned with what is truly valuable to us and what our lives have demonstrated to be truly congruent with what and who we are. It is wise to appreciate the greater purpose of the inner critic.

It is not in the way, it is ultimately on the way.

inner critic

These methods work if they are fully worked. As Isaac Newton stated, “It is not the art, it is the artificer.” If we choose not to transform our inner and outer critics into productive feedback to help us awaken our true and magnificent selves, then they become our own lessons in self-discovery.

Our lives are filled with feedback systems guiding us to our most empowered selves. Whether we receive criticism from within or without – let’s use this criticism for what it can offer, as tools to be our most empowered selves.

Who Is The Writer?

Dr John Demartini is a human behavior specialist, educator, international best-selling author and founder of the Demartini Institute. Visit Dr Demartini’s website for more information.

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