Living Near Water Is Extremely Good For Your Health

Living near water, no matter where, you find it will transform your health. If water intrigues you instantly by its therapeutic benefits, then just know you’re not the only one. In fact, studies have found that there’s a biological connection between us and water. It triggers an immediate response in our brains. You can experience the effects of water in ways you can’t even imagine.

Even marine biologists say that there is a reason why we experience these positive effects around water. All in all, water is considered the elixir of life. That’s because it covers more than 70 percent of the earth’s surface. It also makes up nearly 70 percent of our bodies. In addition, it constitutes over 70 percent of our heart and brains. Now that’s some pretty amazing information. No wonder we feel rejuvenated when we spend time around water.

That and I just love how free-spirited and relaxed I become when I am near the ocean or open water. Luckily, I am on the coast of Kenya and I always make sure to get my daily dose of vitamin sea!

Living Near Water For A Healthy Soul

Now that I think of it, living near water doesn’t only improve your body physically. It has a lot to do with relaxing your mind, which in turn makes you feel good internally. That’s the most powerful aspect of it, in my opinion.

Researchers believe that just seeing water causes neurochemicals to rush through your body. These increase blood flow to your brain and heart. And when this happens your body reaches a state of complete wellness and relaxation. Guess what? There are still more benefits.

Don’t you just love the sound of flowing or trickling water? Apparently, the sound of water has similar calming effects. When you immerse yourself in water studies show that it can help to treat a variety of neurological and physical ailments on top of improving mental near [longevity live]

Therefore, this is all the reason we need to pack our bags and relocate to a water-friendly, relaxing environment. Research has found that lifelong relationships to water can actually benefit your cognitive, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual spheres. Especially if you take part in water sports like boating or kite-surfing and even fishing.

Doctors explain that these activities also provide you with regular exercise and social engagement. And we all know that both of these done frequently offer very positive rewards.

Water For Your Mind

I don’t want to force you to leave the city life or anything alike. I just want you to realize the deep rewards of living near water. Or at least getting yourself involved in some water activities.  Whether you’re by the ocean or lake or even floating in a swimming pool, they will all have a similar near [longevity live]

In addition, participating in water sports like boating will definitely increase your experience and provide a ‘blue mind’ state. Experts state that a ‘blue mind’ describes being in a meditative state. Usually, this frame of mind brings on feelings of calm, peacefulness, unity, and general happiness. On the other hand, you get the ‘red mind,’ which is characterized by feelings of stress, anxiety, and fear.

Most of us are living in a red state. If you are, don’t worry, it’s not your fault. We have the modern world to thank for this. However, you can try to make it better. I would say that the boat was probably the best invention in technology to date. Mainly because it lets you travel and explore this vast world of blue-mind benefits on the water. Plus, being on a boat gives you permission to escape the red-mind mode of an anxious and distracted life on land.

When’s Our Next Vacation?

Have you been contemplating booking a long-deserved beach vacation? Good. I say go for it! According to a Discover Boating survey conducted by Wakefield Research, four in five Americans say being around water relaxes them. And 72 percent feel healthier after spending time on the water. Plus, the fact that many travellers try to unplug on a relaxing getaway only adds to the near [longevity live]

This social media, the world of online heated chaos is a blessing and a curse. Unfortunately, it’s stumped our ability to relax and literally do nothing. Doing absolutely nothing, like lying on the beach, is a lost art in our hyperconnected society.

Doctors say that it is more important than ever before to spend time in nature. Especially when it involves water. Living near water is a valuable way to reduce the stresses of life and work in our busy world today.

So, if you’re fighting with yourself about whether or not to book your next vacay…Do it now, and do it for your health.

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