How To Love Your Lockdown Hair

We’re living in very stressful times at the moment.  Hair salon owner and international stylist Reto Carmichel says it’s really important that you don’t take matters into your own hands when it comes to cutting and coloring your hair!  Rather, you are invited to go within and take stock of your life. And do the same with your lockdown hair!

Give Your Hair a Break

Let your hair regenerate and heal.

Now is the time to really LOVE YOUR HAIR.

#stayhome is the perfect opportunity to give yourself, along with your hair, a break.

No styling, coloring, bleaching, stretching, curling, straightening….no heat, no damage, just hair care.

As most of us are not going to work, fancy dinners or fabulous parties there is no need to do your hair.

Now is the time to stay home, the time to chill, exercise, meditate and get creative. But please, not with your hair.

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Easy Lockdown Hair Tips

As a hair stylist of 30 years I have some tips on how you can give back to your precious hair.

Wash your hair less often

Let the natural oils live on your hair and scalp for a bit longer.

If you have a natural bristle brush (not plastic), brush your hair 100 times a day. This will help you transport your natural oils from your scalp to the tips of your hair.

If not, use your gentle touch and do it with your hands by massaging your scalp and pulling the natural oils through your hair.

This feels amazing and it gives us a beautiful self-love, self-grooming vibe. Self-love is so important. And now we finally have the time to give ourselves what we deserve!

So in other words, if you find yourself walking around the house with bed-head hair,  that’s exactly the look you want.

Lockdown Hair

When you wash your hair

I always say use the best products you possibly can.

Hair masks and intense treatments are the way to go.

I’m NOT big on food recipes for natural treatments from your pantry or fridge.

I believe that hair treatments/masks are designed for specific hair needs and that’s why I always recommend my clients to use professional products.

After you shampoo don’t use conditioner if you are going to do a treatment/mask

What not to do with your hair

Towel dry your hair gently after shampooing. DO NOT start combing or brushing your hair. Remember your hair is most fragile when wet!  Run your fingers through your hair as gently as you can then apply the treatment from the ends to the root area.

Do not apply treatment right onto the scalp as this might make your hair heavy or greasy.

Your treatment is often designed for your hair and not necessarily for your scalp. Except if it is for scalp issues.

How to comb your hair

Gently massage your treatment in from roots to tips for even the distribution of product.  Use your hands to softly detangle your lockdown hair.

Then only do you start to use a detangling comb and work from the ends to the roots

Your treatment should now be perfectly distributed throughout your hair. If your hair is long, create a bun on top of your head. And if you don’t just comb it back, leave your hair and get on with your lockdown home program.

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Self-care during lockdown

Don’t use heat to dry your hair, give it time to dry naturally.

This is the perfect time for you to leave the treatment in your hair for the day or overnight. Don’t go to sleep with wet hair.

The treatment will have done its job by the time your hair is dry. However, you are more than welcome to leave it in until your next hair wash.

Essentially what I am saying, is that in these times when we are in #stayhome mode we can and are invited to self-care on all levels.

The bottom line

Beautiful, healthy hair is always your crowning glory. Please don’t do anything to your lockdown hair except care for it and give it a break, nurture it with love & care.

Your hair might not bleed when you cut it, but trust me it has life force and memory so remember that and take this time to give back to your hair.

Finally, and most importantly, waiting for your stylist to welcome you back into their chair will be worth it, trust me. Love and light.

Reto Carmichel spoke to publishing editor Gisèle Wertheim Aymes about how to manage lockdown hair:  You can watch more on Zoom:

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