Madonna, Almost 60 And Is Fitter Than Girls Half Her Age

Madonna is the ultimate fitness, fashion and entertainment icon. She has had a long career of hits, controversy and reinvention. Throughout her journey, we’ve seen Madonna change her look with shocking fashion styles multiple times. But, what never changes is her message which expresses body positivity to all females.

No matter how controversial the opinions were about super fit, muscular women, Madonna has never caved into remarks about her body and her love of fitness.

Remember that fitness is more popular now than it has ever been. Unlike how it was a few years back, when strong and powerful women were criticised and seen as masculine. Celebrities like Madonna made waves because she embraced strength. Despite all judgements, they didn’t stop her from lifting heavy at the gym.

Madonna Still Has A Figure To Die For

The star has reached the age of 60 this year. Yet, her body is still to die for! She continues to maintain an incredible figure. Although, it’s no secret that a lot of work goes into getting those arms, and Madonna has always been very open about how hard she works for her toned arms and washboard abs! The key to her success is more about the fact that she has never given any notice to what people think.Madonna [longevity live]

The problem with our world is that our perception about what looks beautiful is forever changing. We have social media, fitness magazines and influencers to thank for this! And now it seems the strong, sporty look is the most attractive one – even making it to the covers of Vogue magazine. Isn’t it ironic? We used to criticise women for being too muscular and now we spend our lives trying so hard to achieve toned physiques and strength. In fact, today women would rather have a muscular and lean body instead of a thin frame.

I think it’s wonderful that we are all about promoting women empowerment and strength. However, when Madonna was at her prime, it was never the fashion to look muscular. Therefore, the star deserves a lot more credit than what she received back then. Basically, it proves the fickle nature of our world and that what we perceive as attractive can and will always change. More importantly, we are the ones who decide this.

Here’s How Madonna Keeps Her Body

Despite the opinions of others, the star maintains consistency with her training, It’s the only way that she is able to keep her sculpted abs and strong, toned legs at her age. Personal trainer, Fontaine Gordon says the singer is highly disciplined and does a mixture of resistance training, yoga and circuits to maintain her physique. However, we all have the potential to create a toned six-pack. But, the most important thing is to get your nutrition up to scratch in combination with regular strength training sessions and regular cardio activities.Madonna [longevity live]

Madonna is admired for her confidence as well, The fact that she’s always been outspoken and speaks with the conviction for what she believes in is something to look up to. Every female, whether you’re a fan or not. can’t help but respect the star for managing to remain defiant and proud of her body despite all the daily physical criticism.

Inspiration Powerhouse

Therefore, because Madonna is very strong mentally, her strength exudes off of her skin. I think she will always be a role model to all women both for her character and physical appearance. If there is one woman who can get down in the lowest of squat positions, it’s Madonna and with hitting the mature age group, her strength is even more powerful.

I remember when Madonna was really popular. She had released a whole lot of new songs and with these came music videos. The singer was quite famous for her erotic and over-the-top music videos…Of course, she had a figure that seemed almost unattainable for the average women. Whilst Madonna does have the benefit of working with top trainers and is able to make exercise a part of her career, her level of commitment and discipline is still inspiring for millions of women to become healthier and love their bodies despite what others may think.

Madonna Proves Beauty Is Perceived

To be honest, I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than a world where we see every single shape being celebrated rather than criticised. And women like Madonna lead the way for every female to discover self-empowerment.

If we had to take a guess, it would be her highly toned and chiselled arms that have made the biggest impression. Madonna has not always been praised for them either. Many people have believed her large biceps to be bulky and masculine. However, nowadays girls around the world are lifting heavier and eating more. The perception is finally changing. Thanks to Madonna, we have all the inspiration we need to achieve our goals.

Weirdy, when we see somebody our perception about them can quickly change based on the shape of their arms. Arms are an area that can quite overtly display change quickly. They can quickly highlight your strengths and abilities, which is why Madonna’s arms look different at different times.

Madonna [longevity live]

Then there is also light. This is a major factor and can change the way something appears very quickly. Arms can look more or less muscle defined depending on the angle, lighting and position being used. Despite the semantics, Madonna is an inspiration to women all over the world for body positivity, self-confidence and fitness.

More importantly, we need to understand that the way females look should be an exact reflection of how they feel inside. If you feel confident, strong and powerful, then you’ll want to look the part. And in my opinion, nobody has executed this quite as well as Madonna has for her entire career.

Always remember that it’s not about what other people think. It’s about what you have to say about yourself. If you would like to achieve a firm, toned and defined body like Madonna with these strength training exercises in the gym.

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