Morning Routines Are Vital, What Does Yours Look Like?

Morning routines are habits that we can create to make our day feel easier and run smoother. However, many think that there is a secret morning routine to follow. When in actual fact, there is no set way, you just have to do what makes you feel good. The point being, that you’re fine so long as you’ve actually established a positive and fulfilling one.

Too many of us neglect our mornings, or more importantly our ‘me time.’ You can’t get away with this for long. What’s worse than a slapdash routine, is not having one at all.

And for most, there is never enough time to do everything. But, there is always enough time to do the most important thing. It is not a matter of time, it is a matter of your desire to do it. No matter what, there will always be tasks and projects to do that seem far more important than looking after yourself. But the most important thing you can invest in is yourself. Remember, your body needs to be with you till the end. 

Morning Routines Set The Pace

I am sure you might have heard the saying, ‘the early bird gets the worm.’ I believe that this is true in many aspects.

Whatever your excuse may be for not having a routine in the mornings, other than racing out of the house with a cup of coffee for breakfast. If you have got no structure to start your day with, you’ll feel incredibly drained mentally, physically, and emotionally. So, although establishing a routine might be tedious initially, it’s a lot less draining than having nothing.morning routines [longevity live]

You will eventually learn this the hard way because life has a way of reminding you that you need to create one. You will crash before you can continue. So, stop being stubborn about it.

I bet you’re assuming that you have to exercise like crazy or do some drastic kind of fast to live healthier. You need to find a balance and one that works for you. Yes, I recommend getting in some movement because exercise does help you create a healthier lifestyle.

But it is not enough to concentrate on just that. You need to establish a morning mantra that focuses on self-reflection, a nutrient-dense breakfast and maybe some exercise. What you choose to put into your body is the most important factor. Your food choices are what power you through the rest of your day. If you neglect to do this then your efforts in the gym will all become pointless.

1. Stop Checking Your Emails

Sadly, most people never take the time to analyze their morning routine. I would say we’re all guilty of reading our emails and social media feeds on our cell phones as soon as we open our eyes. On top of this, we’re most inclined to hit the snooze button up until the very last minute of sleep. The problem with this is you have no intention on dedicating time to positively fuel your body and mind. All you’re doing is distracting it.

Doing this won’t bring anything grand to the rest of the world nor to yourself. I want you to try and become more intentional about how you begin each day. This way you can develop a morning pattern that works towards achieving your goals, increasing your energy throughout the workday and becoming a more positive person.

Look at some of these techniques to implement powerful morning routines.

2. Wake Up 2 Hours Before You Need To Be Anywhere

This one keeps popping up. Early bird or not, you need to wake up a bit earlier than what you’ve been doing.

morning routines [longevity live]

I am not going to tell you that the only way to achieve all your goals if by waking up at the crack of dawn. However, if you’d like to have a smoother morning then try waking up at least two hours earlier.

Once you stop overthinking the earliness of it and you realize how much more time you have you will never look back. You’ll have time to work on yourself including your mind, body, and soul. And you can do all of this before your crazy work day starts. This is the number one step for creating positive morning routines because you cannot do that when you’re rushed and stressed out.

3. Start Reading For Inspiration

This is something that truly helps me. Even if I only take 15 minutes to half an hour to read anything that motivates, inspires and encourages me to move forward. Try reading as many uplifting and motivational quotes or writings as you can in the mornings.

In fact, it doesn’t even have to be reading, although I’d recommend reading. You can listen to inspiring podcasts or videos. Can’t do this for an entire 30 minutes? That’s okay, start with five or 10 minutes. Just make sure you find the time in the morning to read something uplifting and inspiring instead of reading the negative news or checking your email right away.

morning routines [longevity live]

If you fill up your mind with positive things, you’ll boost your self-confidence and motivation to go out into the world and make your day a beautiful one.

4. Practice Gratitude

We’re always telling each other to be more grateful for what we have. But, do you actually practice it? Scientific research from multiple leading psychologists shows us that those who practice daily gratitude are more likely to be happy and successful.

I think that there is no better time to attempt this than in the morning. You can do this in whatever way works for you. Whether you’d like to write it in a journal or visualize it, it’s up to you. Practicing daily gratitude will always be part of the discussion about powerful morning routines and the best way to start the day.

5. Move Your Body

There is a massive amount of power in doing exercise first thing. It’s a great way to get yourself up and boost your energy and attitude for the rest of the day.morning routines [longevity live]

When you work out early in the morning you’ll notice that your day is a lot better. Not only will you become more productive but more positive, and happier, as well. Even if you only workout for 20 minutes, you should get some sort of physical exercise in the morning.

It’s a fact that exercise releases endorphins making you more positive. An article in the New York Times says exercise can actually provide you with more brainpower. So, no matter how crazy your work or traveling is, you must make sure to do some sort of physical exercise. This is a great way to create powerful morning routines.

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