Mushroom Fungi Extracts And Skincare Are ‘It’ For Beauty

Mushroom fungi extracts are most likely the missing ingredient that you haven’t tried in your beauty routine yet. In fact, there is probably no other naturally-occurring substance on earth as complex and versatile as the humble mushroom. It boasts so many unique characteristics from being able to kill you, to making food taste incredible, to enlightening people. But those are not the kind of benefits we’re looking for in mushroom fungi extracts. Many people do look to them for some kind of spiritual awakening.

There are so many different species of mushroom fungi extracts, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Let’s forget about the hallucinogenic side of things for a while and focus on the nutritional value of mushroom fungi extracts.  They’re also packed with healthy medicinal properties. Researchers state that fungi produce active compounds that are used as integrative medicine to help treat cancer. Apparently they’re also effective to use as potent antibiotics. Reportedly, even store-bought shiitakes are rich in antioxidants, vitamin D, and the mineral selenium, which help fight inflammation.

Beauty enthusiasts rave about the benefits of mushroom-infused skin products. They say that there’s nothing they can’t do, from brightening to smoothing, to hydrating, and even healing.

Mushroom Fungi Extracts For Your Face

mushroom fungi extracts for beautiful skin [longevity live]

We used to only see mushrooms as a cooking staple, and somehow they’ve made it into our beauty regimes. Incredible to say the least. Skin experts rave about their apparent health benefits and ability to fight free radicals. They’ve quickly become the beauty industry’s hidden gem. You can use mushroom fungi extracts topically and you can, of course, eat them. Reportedly, certain mushrooms offer multiple beauty benefits ranging from anti-ageing to skin barrier repair to hydration, antioxidants and UV defence. Moreover, a lot of the mushroom fungi extracts used are adaptogenic, which means they support the body’s natural defences against stressors like inflammation.

Research says that Reishi and Oyster mushrooms can help firm skin, while other common types like Chaga soothe irritation. Interestingly, tremella also has similar benefits to hyaluronic acid. Shiitake can brighten the skin. That’s just a few of the health benefits, so the list is quite endless. Luckily, you don’t have to apply these mushroom fungi extracts topically every time, since more beauty products containing these are now available for you to use.

Apparently, dermatologists have been using mushroom-derived kojic acid for years in topical products and medical-grade chemical peels to remove problem pigmentation. Now everybody wants to give the new trend a go. With all the interest in living more plant-based, there is a new interest in using more ‘natural’ ingredients.

The New Beauty Superfood

It’s now easier than ever before to reap the rewards of mushroom fungi extracts because of all the new pills, powders and smoothies bringing them to the wellness-minded mainstream folk. The funny thing is that we’re behind when it comes to this health trend. You see, it isn’t even a trend, it’s a wellness must. Mushrooms have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine.

Luckily the beauty industry is catching on. They’re utilising mushroom fungi extracts for their strong abilities to help promote smaller pores, improve moisture retention, clear your head and help the mind and body relax. In essence, using mushrooms in your daily routine is really nothing new to health.

What Are The Benefits Of Mushroom Fungi Extracts?

mushroom fungi extracts from edible mushrooms [longevity live]

Most medicinal mushrooms are polypores or ‘shelf fungi’ that aren’t poisonous. Many of them don’t taste good to eat because they’re too woody or bitter. That’s why doctors love mushroom fungi extracts. Even those who dislike mushrooms will be able to benefit. Doctors state that mushroom fungi extracts can be integrated into almost any formula.  This is so you can harness the antioxidant, balancing, and soothing properties without eating them.

Studies show that mushroom fungi extracts have close to magical powers when it comes to skincare. Chinese medicine proves that they’re filled with active compounds that have antioxidant, anti-ageing, skin brightening, moisturising and anti-inflammatory effects. Sounds like the elixir of health and beauty right? Experts explain that mushrooms have high antioxidants and contain metabolites that can help fight free radicals. Moreover, some can reduce melanin content and inhibit tyrosinase activity (melanin production), which helps brighten skin and fade dark spots.

Better yet, they’re also high in vitamin D, which is essential in supporting the skin’s immune system. Skin problems like pollution, stress, rosacea, sensitivity, spots and sun damage will all be sorted. You’ll also want to try mushroom fungi extracts because they contain polysaccharides which are fantastic for moisturising the skin. They keep your skin naturally hydrated and contain kojic acid which is a wonderful remedy for age spots and discolouration.

Choose Your Mushroom Fungi Extracts Carefully

Try not to grab the first mushroom-infused product you find, because it might not be the real deal. Remember that there are 150,000 kinds of mushrooms to choose from, and only a handful of them are going to benefit you. Experts say that the cordyceps contain various health benefits as well as the Lumene range. This is because these products contain a combination of the antioxidant Chaga and Sheep Polypore, which protects the skin from irritants.mushroom fungi extracts for healthier skin and mind [longevity live]

As mentioned previously, shiitake and reishi are amazing because they encourage cell renewal, increase skin elasticity and contain important polysaccharides for younger skin. Realistically, you’d also be to find specific food that will help promote beautiful skin.

Know Your Mushrooms

Experts explain that it’s easy to identify certain mushrooms. Auricularia polytricha (wood ear) and Tremella mesenterica are beneficial to use cosmetically. But we don’t advise going out into your garden and picking up any old mushroom because you think it’s going to be the elixir to health and beauty. Be careful and ensure you’ve got the proper training so you know which ones are which before doing that. Some are highly poisonous and even deathly. 

More importantly, creating the correct formula is also a different story. The mushrooms need to go through strict processing to ensure that no bacteria can grow. These mushrooms must be professionally fermented to preserve the extracts. You might also want to source more eco-friendly brands that use a wild-harvest mushroom to help conserve the eco-culture.

Therefore when it comes to mushroom fungi extracts, it’s a complete waste to only use them in your scrambled tofu or eggs. The next time you’re shopping for your moisturiser, keep an eye out for one with this magical ingredient. Your skin will as happy if not more than your gut, mind and body.

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