Skincare Must-Haves: Boost Your Beauty Ritual

In this article, we have collected a number of must-have skincare products that are sure to boost your beauty rituals and your mood!

1. Bobbi Brown Remedies Skin Fortifier

skincare| LONGEVITY LIVEThis is a super blend of essential oils for skin that has lost its vitality and resilience.

  • The ingredients

Your skin’s barrier is composed of three key lipids that protect against moisture loss and external aggressors: ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol. As you age, this barrier weakens and develops “gaps” that make skin more susceptible to damage. Remedies Skin Fortifier is rich in natural lipids such as murumuru butter, olive oil and meadowfoam seed oil, which help to reinforce the skin’s moisture barrier. This is a good addition to your skincare regimen if you want to strengthen your skin barrier.

  • The benefits

The formula is developed for skin that has lost its vitality and resilience. It rebuilds and strengthens your skin’s structure, making it stronger and better able to fight off further environmental damage. With the ability to repair and replenish your skin, it not only boosts its ability to protect itself, but also helps to keep moisture in and toxins out. Get it for R600 at Bobbi Brown outlets and find it on their website at the following link.

2. Eau Thérmale Avène Physiolift Eyes

LONGEVITY LIVEThis innovative eye cream is developed to firm wrinkles and the delicate skin around the eye area.

  • The ingredients

Avène is known for using unique blends of quality ingredients suitable for all skin types and skincare regimens, including highly sensitive or damaged skin. This formula combines hyaluronic acid, pre-tocopheryl and retinaldehyde. These ingredients help to smooth the appearance of deep wrinkles, boost the skin’s luminosity and stimulate cell renewal. The main patented ingredient, Ascofilline, replenishes your natural collagen and promotes healthier, younger-looking skin.

  • The benefits

PhysioLift Eyes is part of a unique range of anti-aging skincare products formulated by Avène and designed to mimic your skin’s own physiology as closely as possible. It has a unique texture that ensures efficient absorption of all of its active ingredients. It smooths wrinkles and firms  delicate skin around your eyes, while also helping to diminish puffiness and dark circles. Get this product for R380 at pharmacies across the country and find it on their website at the following link.

3. Dr Hauschka Color Correcting Powder

LONGEVITY LIVEThis is a color-correcting powder that blends seamlessly with your skin tone to enhance your natural features.

  • The ingredients

All of Dr Hauschka’s make-up formulations contain a balanced composition of plant extracts, waxes, oils and mineral pigments. The main botanical used in the make-up line is anthyllis. Its adaptability gives it a refining, balancing power that supports your skin’s ability to establish boundaries without becoming inflexible.

  • The benefits

Dr Hauschka’s new Colour Correcting Powder contains four translucent shades, carefully chosen to complement your own natural skin tone. This powder is ideal for reducing shine, evening your complexion and making your skin feel velvety-soft and supple. It is also perfect if you suffer from hyper-pigmentation or couperose (a pink complexion with patches of redness), as it lightens shadows and reduces the appearance of redness. Get this product for R795 and find it at the following link.

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