New Beauty: The Best In Anti-Aging

For this article we pick all the best in anti-aging products, customized to address every skin problem.

If you have: premature skin aging

  • Look for this ingredient: Sea fennel stem cells
  • Try: QMS Cellular Marine (Stem Cell Line Eraser), R3 500, find it at their website on the following link.
  • Why it works:
    Using anti-aging products that incorporate stem cells into their formulas helps to maintain youthful skin and prolong your skin’s ability to regenerate itself. Cellular Marine has cultivated its main ingredient from sea fennel stem cells, which not only support the body’s own stem cells, but can also enhance the production of new skin cells and improve your skin’s metabolism. These cells are known for their ability to endure rough climates, as well as intensive UV light exposure and moisture loss. When derived correctly, they provide human stem cells with all of the essential nutrients and ingredients needed for environmental protection.

If you have: tired eyes

  • Look for this ingredient:  Teasel extracts
  • Try: Clarins Multi-Active Yeux Instant Eye Reviver, R495,
  • Why it works:
    Leading a stressful lifestyle can leave its mark on your eyes and, in particular, your eye contour; this delicate area is the first to show visible signs of aging. Multi- Active Yeux combines technology inspired by the latest scientific advances with the power of plants to create a formula that smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Its main ingredient, teasel extract, contains antioxidants that target the fibroblast in your skin, minimizing signs of fatigue by reducing dark circles and puffi ness. The formula also contains elements that help to protect your skin from the harmful effects of indoor and outdoor pollution.

If you have: skin laxity and deep wrinkles

  • Look for these ingredients:  Resveratrol and oligoside
  • Try:  Lancôme Rénergie French Lift. The cost of this product is R1 750, find it on their website at the following link.
  • Why it works: Facial volumes are defined by both your underlying muscles and your deep skin compartments. That’s why Lancôme took a twofold approach to create a product that could promote well-defined facial contours as well as overall health. Because this involved cellular biology, they patented their own own active formula, Resveroside: a combination of
    the two skin-regenerating ingredients resveratrol and oligoside. They also extensively studied the beneficial effects of massage on both a biological and muscular level. Their specialized massage technique is designed to manipulate the different underlying layers of skin tissue and help to reposition the muscles zone by zone.

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