The Next Big Thing: Neostrata Daily Peel Pads

In this product review article, we share on the best and latest in beauty so that you know exactly what to expect from the newest products on the shelves. For this one, we reviewed the new Neostrata Smooth Surface Daily Peel Pads.

What does it do?

This innovative anti-aging technique, developed by Neostrata, allows you to reap the benefits of a monthly light chemical peel in a one-step home peel product that you can easily make part of your daily routine. Its carefully derived formula has a much gentler effect on your skin than a standard chemical peel, but it still achieves competitive results.

What can you expect?

Start by pouring the entire contents of the bottle into the provided jar of pads. Take one pad and wipe it gently over a cleansed face every evening, making sure to avoid your lips and eyes. If there is any remaining fluid on your face, you can softly
massage it into the skin for full absorption. Unlike a light chemical peel, it doesn’t require neutralisation.

Fast fact:

Although the main focus of this product is to provide a non-invasive aid for aging skin, it doubles up as an effective pigmentation inhibitor. By increasing your skin’s cellular turnover, it decreases the melanin clumping associated with pigmentation, and improves your overall skin clarity.

Key ingredients

Glycolic acid, derived from sugar cane, is commonly used in chemical peels. It is a highly effective exfoliant that can reduce your epidermal turnover time and optimize the hardening process of your skin (a process known as keratinisation). Aminofil is
equally efficient in promoting skin regeneration. A study done over eight weeks on Caucasian women aged 40-67 showed
that Aminofil improved their skin’s thickness by 13,2%.

The science behind it

Much like a light chemical peel, this formula contains glycolic acid to enable skin cell turnover. However, it is present in a much more diluted form that is safe for home use. Neostrata combines this with one of its own patented ingredients,
Aminofil. This amino acid derivative helps to increase your own natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Scared of chemical peels? Click here to find out why they aren’t so scary after all.

How do you use it?

This product targets the increase of your skin’s cellular turnover in order to clarify your pores, refine your skin texture and
improve your skin tone. It is also able to increase your natural collagen and hyaluronic acid production, which helps to plump and firm the skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Get this product for R812 and click on the link to go to their website.