Nicole Kidman Reveals Her Beauty Secrets To Always Looking Young

Nicole Kidman reveals some of her secrets to always looking naturally beautiful, without caking makeup on. As the new face of Neutrogena, she has always been such a believer in good skin. Her favourite products always focus on hydration.  

How Does She Always Look So Flawless?

Nicole Kidman is a Hollywood A-lister, famed for her strawberry blonde locks and fair skin. In all her years in front of the camera, we can’t recall a single photograph of her caked in makeup, or trying to conceal unhealthy skin. She always looks natural, gorgeous and youthful.

nicole kidman | Longevity LIVE After a long career in Hollywood, Kidman admits that she gave into the extensive pressures that the industry puts on you to look eternally young and started using Botox. She decided that it wasn’t for her and that natural ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle are her ultimate go-to for achieving inner and outer beauty. More recently there has been speculation in the press about her having plastic surgery. However, what is a given, is the actress relies primarily on a healthy lifestyle to ensure her beauty is preserved.

What Are Her Secret Beauty Routines?

Here are some of Nicole Kidman’s natural beauty tips.

1. Eating Organic Food Only

Nicole Kidan reveals | Longevity LIVE | Eat organic foodKidman gives great importance to her nutrition and health, even more so since she had children. However, after her skin cancer scare, she has also decided to eat purely organic produce. Kidman tells us that she tries to eat well by including lots of leafy greens and fish into her every day diet and prefers to avoid foods with high fat content. In addition, the Hollywood personality also eats small portions, several times throughout the day.



nicole kidman | Longevity LIVE2. Cleansing Your Hair With a Drink 

Nicole’s hair seems to remain thick and voluminous, despite always having to keep it treated and styled. She tells us that all you need to do is open your fridge and get a drink! Kidman recently told media sources that, ‘if you have red hair, try washing it in cranberry juice, and if you’re blonde, a champagne rinse can work wonders.’

Is This True?

According to Bel Marra Health, studies are showing that the high acidity concentration of cranberry juice actually helps seal hair cuticles and lock in shine. It also strengthens the hair strand, giving it a softer texture.

So cranberry juice would be your final rinse in the shower, after washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner. All you need to do is gently massage it into your scalp. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and then rinse it off. Similarly, for those with darker hair shades, you can use black coffee or tea.

3. Swimming For 30 Minutes Daily

Given that Kidman grew up inNicole Kidman reveals beauty | Longevity LIVE Australia, she has a natural love for water. She’s an avid swimmer and commits herself to doing laps in her pool for half an hour every day. For her, swimming is one of the best ways to keep her body in good shape. In addition, she ensures that she wears a reputable sunscreen, no matter the day or activity. Safety comes before looking sexy, Kidman always prefers to wear a full-costume, in order to avoid exposing her fair skin to the damaging effects of the sun and its rays.

The naturally beautiful actress firmly maintains her belief that it is not purely about looking good. It is also about doing good. Since she grew up with an awareness of sun damage, she always tries to teach people about it, as does Neutrogena. Her new mission is now to remove skin cancer entirely worldwide. 

These may seem like small changes to your daily routine. However, Nicole Kidman always looks flawless-despite her age.

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