Nikel: An Organic Skincare Product, Formulated Through Science

Finding a skincare product that suits your needs is always a tricky endeavor. We found 4 women from different walks of life and asked them to try Nikel Cosmetics, an organic skincare product.skincare | longevity live

This Croatian-born natural beauty brand recently launched in South Africa. They’re inspired by nature, yet formulated through science, so it will help you to achieve the improvements you want to see in your skin naturally.

The 4 different women we worked with tried Nikel’s Alpine Rose Tonic, Evening Primrose Oil and Nikelhidris Face Cream. All of these products are available on Zando.


We wanted to understand just how well Nikel Cosmetics could promote a healthy and youthful complexion, irrespective of skin type. We asked four beautiful women – of different ages and with different skincare concerns – to try out Nikel’s classic skincare products for two weeks.


Catherine D’Almeida (58) is the managing director of Catherine Gaeyla Fashion, and found: “I have definitely noticed an improvement in the firmness of my skin, which is my main concern at the moment. My biggest surprise was how quickly the products showed results – it’s barely been two weeks!”



Kenny Jules Morifi Winslow (25) is the editor-in-chief of IIIRD Citizen. She details her experience: “I am not big on make-up. So, skincare forms a large part of taking care of myself, as it’s essentially my billboard. Because of this, I am big on routine, and the fact that there are a few products in this regime was a big plus for me. It also feels like the products are built to work together.



Refiloe Molekoa (35) is a fashion designer and stylist. When asked if she would invest time and money in natural beauty products, she responded: “This experience has taught me a lot about looking after myself and how my beauty choices affect the environment around me. It’s definitely worth spending a little more time taking care of my skin and feeling pampered.”



Actress Mary-Anne Jordaan (37) shared: “My biggest regret was not having looked after my skin more when I was younger. I spent far too much time lying in the sun, smoking and going to bed without washing my make-up off. Today, I’m extra-kind to my face; I use the right products, go for skin treatments and always wear sunblock. I’ve definitely noticed the tone of my skin has improved, and I’m eager to see how that continues to get better over time.”

If you’re interested in using Nikel, you can buy them online from Zando – just click here.  If you buy any Nikel product to the value of R800, you can get R200 off. Use the voucher code NIKEL200. This is valid until the 31st of January 2018.

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